JBT introduces Bin Scrubber System

Mon 02/01/2017 by Richard Wilkinson
TECHNO JBT BinScrubber

With increasing scrutiny on food safety, JBT FoodTech introduces a patented Bin Scrubber System aimed at better cleaning of field bins. JBT’s Bin Scrubber System is unique in its ability to really scrub bins, with a brush.

“With our technology it takes as little as 15 seconds to clean a bin, so this is faster and cleaner than other systems, even those done by hand or by other competing machines that only use high pressure water,” said manager Hassan Khan.

The system is 100% programmable and designed for use on plastic and wood bins. Field bins are delivered to the scrubber on an automatic line which recycles the water. A cradle elevates and tips the bin onto a brush head that spins and scrubs hard to reach surfaces and corners while high pressure nozzles spray the exterior of the bin clean. The result is consistently cleaner bins and long-term utility cost savings because the system uses recycled chlorinated water and low horsepower motor to reduce energy costs.

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