Indian mango shipments to US surge as technology improves

Thu 27/07/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Indian mangoes are increasingly to be found on US supermarket shelves, with exports more than doubling this campaign between April and June, reaching 2,000 tons, up from 891 tons last year. 

The three Indian varieties being marketed in the US are Kesar, Alphonso, and Banganpalli. According to India Shipping News, Alphonso and Kesar varieties are selling for $9 per kg and $7 per kg,  respectively. 

The increase in shipments is thanks to the lowering of air freight costs, as well as a new irradiation facility in Ahmedabad. These advances have reduced the price gap between Indian and South American mangoes.

Despite being the largest producer of mango in the world, India only exports 1% of its production due to a lack of sea container protocols and expensive air freight costs. Indian mango exports to the US were halted in 2020 and 2021 because USDA inspectors could not travel to inspect irradiation facilities due to travel restrictions imposed by Covid-19.


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