HortiEspaña launches campaign to disseminate sustainable production model

Thu 09/11/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Spanish interprofessional fruit and vegetable organisation HORTIESPAÑA has launched the ‘It’s from a greenhouse’ programme to promote a responsible and balanced production model in social, economic and environmental matters. Thus, through the dissemination of this model, the entity continues to show the benefits of greenhouse horticulture in Almería and Granada, the main provinces producing sustainable fruits and vegetables in Europe.

‘Es de Invernadero’ aims to publicise and offer information about the concept of sustainability and its application in the agri-food sector to companies, producers, marketers, restaurants, farmers and those consumers who are looking for quality products, aware of environmental respect and concerned for food security. The initiative, which will have an estimated duration of three years (until February 28, 2026) in Spain and Germany, will have a total investment of 2 million euros and is co-financed by HORTIESPAÑA and the European Union, within the promotion framework of agri-food products ‘Enjoy, It’s from Europe’.

The central axis of the action is the sustainability of production and the communication of the benefits of the solar greenhouse for the production of fresh fruits and vegetables. In this sense, concepts such as water saving, CO2 absorption, biological control or the albedo effect, which consists of lowering the average temperature of the territory in which the greenhouses are located by reflecting sunlight on the roofs white or translucent of these cultivation structures will be key to transmitting a sustainable production model to society.

President of HortiEspaña, Juan Tomás Cano, explained during the presentation of this campaign at Fruit Attraction the importance of this promotional initiative: “At HORTIESPAÑA we believe that it is our duty, thanks to the support of the European Union, to show the rest of the world everything we do. And that is part of our purpose: to make known what a greenhouse is as a sustainable cultivation structure. ‘Es de Invernadero’ was born with that objective. Give visibility to a responsible and balanced production model in social, economic and environmental matters. And there is no better example than horticulture under solar greenhouses in Almería and Granada, the main producers of fruits and vegetables in all of Europe.”


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