Higher tolls for crossing Suez Canal from 2024

Transit fees on the Suez Canal are to increase by 15% from mid-January 2024.
Mon 30/10/2023 by Richard Wilkinson
Suez Canal

As reported by World Cargo News, the Suez Canal Authority has announced that the planned increase will apply to crude oil tankers, petroleum products carriers, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers, liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, chemical carriers, and other liquid materials carriers, as well as container ships, car carriers, passenger ships, and private floating units. The fees for dry bulk cargo ships, general cargo ships, and roll-on/roll-off ships will be increased by 5%. 

However, the SCA’s Traffic Management Administration pointed to several exceptions with containerships sailing from northern Europe ports, including those calling in Algeciras and/or Tanger-Med, direct to the Far East (first port of call in Malaysia) being exempt from the increase.

In fiscal year 2022/23, which ended 30 June 2023, SCA posted revenues of US$9.4B with 26,000 ships making the transit. These numbers were up by 34.7% and 17.6%, respectively, on the previous year.



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