Grupo Agroponiente launches new web portal featuring more modern, clearer and more powerful content

'Conscious agriculture' is the motto that presides over this new web space, which is part of the company's philosophy for communicating with farmers, suppliers, employees, clients and consumers.
Thu 26/10/2023 by Agroponiente

GRUPO AGROPONIENTE has launched a new web portal that perfectly reflects the evolution of the company in the last year and a half, from the point of view of growth, innovation, increase in product portfolio, and geographical expansion within and outside of Spain. It also underline’s the company’s firm and clear commitment to sustainable and responsible farming, based on a ‘conscious agriculture’, a motto that presides over the company’s new web space and also its philosophy for this campaign.

The new website includes sections such as ‘Company’, ‘Sustainability’, ‘Products’, ‘Farmers’, ‘News’, ‘Employment’ and ‘Suppliers’, highlighting on its homepage aspects such as the company’s membership in the Spanish Network of the UN Pact. It also features a description of Agroponiente’s different product lines and other key concepts such as crop care, integrated fight, annual planning and new varieties, as well as a descriptive section detailing the more than twenty operating and logistics centres owned by the company.

The new web space, which can be read in Spanish and English, also offers a powerful news section, whose purpose is to highlight the great work of the company in its different areas of action. There is also a Farmers App, an authentic communication and management tool, which is revolutionising the relationship between farmer and company.

There is no shortage of notable data on Grupo Agroponiente, perfectly and clearly explained on the homepage of the website itself: more than 3,500 hectares of production, over 300 of which are owned by the group, more than 300 million kilos sold, more than €340 million invoiced, more than 2,000 workers employed and more than 21 facility centres.

CEO of Grupo Agroponiente, Imanol Almudí, said: “Modernising and improving our communication channels with the outside is an obligations that we have set ourselves as a company. Grupo Agroponiente is a big family and, therefore, those responsible for the company are committed to ensuring transparency in communication with our employees, our farmers, our suppliers, our clients and final consumers. To achieve this, we are involed in a permanent process of improving and modernising the formulas we use to reach out to all of them. This has led to the new web portal, which I believe significantly improves our communicative power, content and innovation. We have extended our work to include other communication instruments, from our social networks to the bulletins and newsletters that we issue periodically.”

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