Grimaldi Lines launches first hybrid-powered ships

Mon 17/05/2021 by Maria del Mar Valenzuela
Hybrid-powered ships

Italian shipping company Grimaldi is investing in increasingly sustainable logistics and has introduced the very first hybrid propulsion ships:

“Our group’s key innovation is the arrival of the first 4 GG5G class hybrid RoRo ships, currently used on the daily Livorno-Savona-Barcelona-Valencia and Genoa-Livorno-Catania-Malta lines. They are the largest and most environmentally sustainable RORO ships in the world, with a capacity of 7,800 linear metres of rolling freight – equivalent to over 520 trailers, which is double the capacity of the largest ships currently employed by our group. With the same consumption and speed, we guarantee doubled efficiency.”

said CEO Guido Grimaldi.

The ships, named Eco Savona, Eco Livorno, Eco Barcelona and Eco Valencia, are equipped with the latest-generation devices for energy efficiency: the mega-batteries have a power of 5 MWh and are recharged during navigation, to allow ports to achieve their zero-emissions goals during harbouring. On each ship, there are 350 square metres of solar panels installed, as well as purification systems for cutting sulphur and particulate emissions. Thousands of trucks have been removed from the road every week thanks to the use of the new GG5G class ships on the Livorno-Savona-Barcelona-Valencia line alone.

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