Great potential in Mali mango production if obstacles are overcome

Fri 15/12/2017 by Richard Wilkinson

Mali produces approximately 575,000 tons of mango annually, only 10% of which is exported. However, despite the high quality of the country’s product and its comparative advantages over rivals, mango producers in Mali have thus far not been particularly profitable crop. This is due to the lack of appropriate infrastructure and competencies to overcome the technical, commercial, financial, and legal challenges to developing a profitable industry. A report by FARA (Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa), indicates that there is high potential for mango production in Mali if storage and conservation constraints can be overcome. Transportation needs to be improved and the lack of a cool chain needs addressing. Exportation by sea from Dakar or Conakry should be developed. The low volumes currently exported could also be explained by the traceability required for all fresh products to gain entry into the European market. Poor funding and lack of irrigation water are also major constraints.

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