GLOBAL G.A.P announces mandatory changes 

Thu 11/05/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The GLOBALG.A.P. Tour Spain 2023 took place under the motto ‘Sustainable agriculture of the future’ in Almería on 14 and 15 March at the Aguadulce Conference and Exhibition Centre (Roquetas de Mar). The event served to announce the changes that will be mandatory from the beginning of 2024 so that operators can prepare throughout the year and be ready to obtain certification next year.

For years GLOBALG.A.P. has addressed sustainability in different areas and will continue to work in that direction. Examples of this are the GRASP seals, the regulations for the social sphere, and SPRING, which controls the responsible use of water, and is increasingly demanded by supermarkets. 

New last year was the module on biodiversity, which seeks to promote the proliferation of insects and bacteria in the field. Along these lines, the plan is to evaluate sustainability priorities and gradually implement improvements and unify certifications as far as possible.

GGN is the GLOBALG.A.P. label targeting the consumer. It represents transparency and certified and responsible production. This type of certification can help local producers to differentiate themselves from the offer of third countries.


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