Frutas Villacruz: experts in yellow plum

Wed 22/06/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
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Located in the Extremadura region, the summer production from Frutas Villacruz is dedicated to working with stone fruit and figs.

“We like a challenge, and that’s why we specialise in fruits that are especially difficult to grow,” said manager Alfonso Cruz. “For example, as the yellow plum is so very delicate, we harvest it in the traditional way by hand picking, to avoid any marks on the skin.”

This yellow skinned plum accounts for 70% the firm’s total plum output and the harvest period runs from mid-June to mid-November. The company’s supply is highly valued in Spain and Germany, as very few farmers produce it and hardly any of them achieve the quality of true experts like Frutas Villacruz. Another interesting niche was developed in early campaigns, with ultra-early nectarine and peach, making the company the first in the calendar to come out with its fruit, in May. The high quality of the Frutas Villacruz brand has garnered great fame and prestige, having managed to successfully explore niches in which it has subsequently specialised. Among the new features for this campaign, Alfonso Cruz emphasised an important increase in the planted area for figs and the increase expected in dried fig volumes, too.

“We are exploring new possibilities for industrially produced dried figs, for which we are investing in the best equipment and the latest technology.”

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