Freshfel Europe stresses importance of sustainable supply chain

Wed 09/08/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

In July, Freshfel Europe’s General Delegate Philippe Binard took part in a European Parliament hearing on the Sustainable Use Regulation (SUR) in which he underlined the importance of the economic sustainability of the supply chain and the safeguarding of the productivity and competitiveness of European growers. 

A press release by Freshfel said: “In times of rising production costs, further investments are needed to cope with sustainability requirements, adapt to societal concerns and boost consumption. While climate change is significantly impacting growing conditions, an efficient toolbox is needed to reduce pests and diseases in orchards and fields. The journey towards more precise agricultural practices and modern IPM with progressive availability of alternative bio-substances needs to be made in a timely manner and within a soft transition not governed by rigid reduction of usage targets. In turn, sound production will facilitate safe trade, consumer confidence in quality and safety, and provide more opportunities for EU exports. Fruit and vegetables are essential in the food chain and part of the solutions of the Green Deal and the Farm to Fork.”


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