Fresh India Show 2019: Indian Demand of Fruits Will Be 305 MT in Upcoming Years

Sat 13/04/2019 by Richard WIlkinson

India’s First International Interactive Conference, Exhibition & Networking Meet in June in New Delhi

Inspired by the success of the industry leaders, India’s Fruit & Vegetable sector has continued its quest to reach the peak of the business. The country is the second largest producer of Fruits and Vegetables in the world and the biggest consumer as well. The international trade in fruits and vegetables has expanded rapidly. Worldwide, Indians boast the highest dietary share of fruits & vegetables; Greater health consciousness also buttresses demand, with the average consumer preferring fresh produce, and even shifting to organic fresh where possible.

Pawanexh Kohli, CEO National Centre for Cold-chain Development (NCCD), Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare & Prof. Post-harvest logistics (Univ. of Brimingham) said,

“The country is changing its perspective from traditional food security towards more holistic nutritional security. The first largely related to calorie intake, while the latter includes essential nutrients; gradually also seeing a shift from traditional foodgrains towards food items like horticulture and animal products.” He added, “With growing affluence of consumers as the country develops, they tend to prefer a diet of fruits, vegetables supplemented with dairy and animal proteins.”

As per the report, Indian production of Fruits & Vegetables produces has gone to 284 mt which reflects the steady rise in per capita availability, consumption and demand. This persistent growth has attracted corporate houses to boost their investments and inclination in this domain. The vast production base has also offered India tremendous opportunities for export. During 2017-18, India exported fruits and vegetables worth Rs. 9,410.81 crores/ 1,459.93 USD Millions which comprised of fruits worth Rs. 4,229.03 crores/ 655.90 USD Millions and vegetables worth Rs. 5181.78 crores/ 804.03 USD Millions.

Further, IG International’s partnership with Camet Trading, Peru’s leading fresh and processed fruit trader marked a major development in India’s rapidly-growing fresh fruit market by importing fresh Peruvian Avocados to India. Through the first sea shipment, IG International container carrying 4,000 boxes of delicious, creamy, and pulpy Avocados, will be made available for distribution in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Cochin markets.

“Indian fresh fruit industry is at crossroads. While our exports volumes have grow, the increase has been limited to a few products like grapes and pomegranates and the benefits of international trade is not reaching to most farmers. On the other hand, India’s imports of fresh produce have also grown many folds but the growth again has been limited to a few products like apples, oranges, pears and kiwis. It is time to take a look deep within ourselves and figure out what we need to do as a group so that the Indian fresh product industry becomes more dynamic, vibrant and rewarding for all,” said Sumit Saran, Director of SS Associates and Indian representative of Washington Apples, USA Pears and Chilean Kiwifruit.

Perishability can be mitigated through processing by way of additives and preservatives, or through better post-harvest management to deliver fresh. Concerning the same, Kohli said, “It becomes vital to develop appropriate preconditioning and delivery systems of perishables. This means more focus on promoting holistic and seamless cold-chain systems to deliver fresh, in full and in time. Cold-chain ensures that the produce under its care reaches gainful end-use, hence minimizing the negative impact of food loss on our rapidly depleting natural resources.”

“The future of human-kind requires that food supply chains are better understood, are properly deployed and continue to contribute sustainably to global nutrition, health and environment. India is well placed to be a future ready leader in this space.”

Building the business networks, Fresh India Show 2019 is an exclusive platform, collectively with its three segments, i.e., Fresh India Exhibition, International Conference and Networking Meet. The event is aimed at strengthening the F&V industry in India consequently improving the way of agri-businesses and per capita availability, consumption and demand.

S. Jafar Naqvi, Chief Coordinator, Fresh India Show 2019 said, “Our vision would be to attract more than 400+ decision makers from different nations including the producers, wholesalers, e-retailers, importers and exporters, professionals from cold chain, logistics, supply chain and supporting industries. We, thereby, are expecting participants from 15+ countries including France, Spain, Poland, Russia, Turkey, UAE, Israel, Japan, Thailand, Iran, Holland, China, UK and Malaysia.”

For delegates, this International Conference will highlight the key changes happening in market, making understand the newest trends & best practices in production, supply, marketing, technology and demands. Participating Fresh produce industry leaders will help to understand and measure the impending changes and will provide opportunities to expand the businesses. It will be a unique opportunity also for the participants, trade & industry leaders to exhibit the complete range of their products or services among the who’s who of the industry.

Some of the proposed topics for the zestful panel discussions and talk at the conference would be Fresh Produce Future – Forecasting & Projection 2025; Success Models & Planning to Reach Global Consumer; Vogue of Consumer Demand for Traditional & Exotic fruits; Modernization – Aggregators & Delivery Systems; Practices to Enhance Marketing of Fruits & Vegetables; Factors Affecting Production, Supply chain, Storage and F&V Retailing; Business Growth & Inventory vs Pricing Analysis; Potential Developing Industries Connect; Fresh Cut & Packed – Ready to Serve Business Concept & Consumer Response; Positive Nutrition Impact on F&V Business; Agri Finance to Build more Assets & Expansions and much more.

Fresh India Show enhances the outlook of the industry through an engaging programme of panel discussions, workshops, buyer-seller meetings and networking opportunities during the event. “Fresh produce’s economy is thriving at a greater pace. Therefore, with this notion, we would like to invite you to join the new launched initiative and be a part of the most refreshing industry in the country,” said Naqvi.

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