CVVP supplies a plant variety management model that is aimed at success

Mon 08/04/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
CVVP supplies a plant variety management model that is aimed at success

The Compañía de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas (CVVP) has a great deal of experience in managing and promoting plant varieties in Spain.

Over the years it has efficiently managed different citrus varieties, such as the Nadorcott mandarin, the navel m7 orange, the Leanri mandarin and the Summer Prim lemon.

CVVP is now presenting its management model to breeders of new varieties.

Reyes Moratal, the manager of the company, states that the CVVP has the tools required for the optimum and efficient management of plant varieties. “We have the right team and the suitable knowledge to manage any variety”, she insists.

During this current campaign the company has taken part in different international trade fairs and events to publicise its extensive experience and work in both managing and promoting protected plant varieties.

On the 26th of March CVVP went to the Global Berry Congress in Rotterdam as a sponsor of the event. “We have decided to focus on the berries, because we have observed that the production control is very lax. We can add value here to improve its positioning in the sector”, states Reyes Moratal.

CVVP provides all-round advice: from processing licenses, the production control, administration, legal and tax advice to marketing communication and promotion.

An efficient management of the plant varieties that CVVP offers means higher profitability for all the parties involved: the breeders and the farmers.

All the information about the services and the company is available on the website:

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