French apple producers call for higher prices 

Apple growers in France are calling for an additional €0.20 per kilogram to save the country’s orchards in the face of surging costs.
Tue 24/01/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

ANPP, the French topfruit association, warned that the apple industry is on the verge of ruin, and posted photos of producers uprooting their own trees due to the unsustainable prices they currently receive.

In a LinkedIn post, the ANPP stated: “Having warned for several months now of the dire need to increase the price paid to producers, today, in several regions of France, producers are uprooting their orchards. In Angers, Avignon, Montauban, in Limousin and in the Hautes-Alpes, several hundred producers gathered to show the difficulties faced by French orchards as a result of increased costs. While France is a major apple-producing country, 1.26ha of orchard are now disappearing every day. A decrease in France’s cultivation area is not inevitable if prices are quickly revalued.”

Marc Peyres of French exporter Blue Whale suggested the present crisis is global: “Do you know a European country where fruit growers are happy about returns and the current cost of inflation? I believe this crisis is quite general, including in the Southern Hemisphere and the US.”


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