Fall in kiwi prices in China’s Sichuan Region

Tue 07/11/2017 by Richard Wilkinson
Chins kiwis & Apples (1)

China’s Sichuan region’s kiwi fruit has for many years been its flagship product, but this year’s prices have been disappointing. The reasons for this price drop are manifold. Online sales began last year and there was increased production of about 10-20% in the region’s major growing areas, such as Cangxi, Pujiang and Dujiangyan. Last year, Hongyang kiwi was selling for the price of 8 yuan/kg, whereas this year it is selling for just 6 yuan/kg. Nevertheless, Pujiang County’s fruit suppliers are still optimistic about the prospects for the rest of the season as they expect the higher quality of late kiwi to induce greater consumer demand. It is expected that this year’s season will continue until the end of November, at which point Cangxi County’s red kiwi fruit production will have reached 108,000 tons, and Pujiang County’s will have reached 120,000 tons.

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