Europe’s Joint Committee on Fruit and Vegetables defends mirror clauses in international trade

Wed 28/06/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The Plenary Meeting of the Mixed Committee on Fruit and Vegetables, in which Spain, France, Italy and Portugal participate, met in Rome to analyse the challenges facing the sector, as well as proposals for a regulation on phytosanitary products prepared by the European Commission and the need to incorporate mirror clauses for fruit and vegetable products imported from third countries.

During the meeting, the heads of the administrations of the member countries agreed to promote the incorporation of mirror clauses in the export regulations of third countries so as to guarantee the phytosanitary protection of EU products and competition on equal terms in the markets. The Spanish Presidency will work on this issue in the next semester.

The representatives of the administrations also recalled their commitment and support to the Mixed Committee for Fruits and Vegetables, established more than 25 years ago by France and Spain, and later expanded, in a first phase to Italy in 2010, and in a second phase to Portugal as of 2019.

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