European Parliament adopts resolution in favour of food security 

Wed 12/07/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The European Parliament has adopted the resolution titled “Ensuring Food Security and Long-Term Resilience of EU Agriculture.” This resolution, approved on June 14th, sets forth four key objectives for the future of European agriculture. They include achieving food self-sufficiency in the EU, investing in agricultural innovation and digitisation, protecting agricultural entrepreneurship in the implementation of the Green Deal, and combating food waste.

The WUWM announced its support for the resolution which “explicitly recognises the strategic importance of wholesale markets in the food sector. The European Parliament acknowledges wholesale markets as food enterprises engaged in logistics and wholesale distribution, as well as large-scale production and processing. They have been identified as crucial entities whose resilience needs to be strengthened as they provide essential services.”

The resolution, in Article 46, calls on the European Union to further recognize the strategic importance of these logistical centres. Wholesale markets are integrated and complementary to primary agricultural production. Without them, farmers, logistics, and distribution businesses would not be able to guarantee a consistent supply that meets consumer needs.


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