European chains look forward to meeting PROEXPORT associates at Fruit Attraction

Thu 15/09/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Proexport and its associated companies are participating once again at this year’s Fruit Attraction, the leading international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector, organised by FEPEX and IFEMA, to be held from October 4 to 6 in Madrid. This event will once again be a meeting point between PROEXPORT associates and their international clients, the supermarket chains, who long to meet again with their usual suppliers of fruit and vegetables to ensure supplies for the next campaign.

Given the current socio-economic situation, there is growing concern among fruit and vegetable operators, which is why Proexport is transmitting a message of confidence through its president, Mariano Zapata: “We will have the usual supply of fruit and vegetables, just as we have done throughout the complicated times of the recent pandemic, when the sector was able to respond to the needs of society. We reinvented ourselves then and we will do so again in the current circumstances.”

The Proexport space in the Region of Murcia (Hall 7) will host 26 of its associates: Agrar Systems, Agrícola Santa Eulalia, Agricultores del Sureste SAT, Agrodolores El Mirador, O.P. Agromark, Agromediterránea Hortofrutícola, Agromontes Fresh Group, Campo de Lorca, Deilor, Difrusa Export, Fruca Marketing, Fruveg, Grupo Hortofrutícola Paloma, G’s Spain, Hortiberia, Hortofortini Spain, Kernel Export, Kettel Produce Spain, Looije Águilas, Mercagrisa, Grupo Hortofrutícola Murciana de Vegetales, Pozosur, Procomel, Surinver El Grupo, Toro Verde SAT and Verdimed.

Also in other spaces of the fair, you can visit Sol y Tierra Campo de Cartagena (Soltir), Primaflor SAT, Peregrín SAT, Agrupapulpí, Bonnysa SAT, Agridemur Marketing and Florette Murcia.

PROEXPORT associates represent most of the Spanish production of lettuce and leafy vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, artichoke and melon, as well as much of Spain’s tomato, pepper, watermelon, table grapes and lemons, among others.


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