CMA CGM offers smart reefer container trackers

Thu 15/09/2022 by Pierre Escodo
CMA CGM hopes to equip 10% of its fleet of refrigerated containers with trackers in 2022.

The French group now offers a premium value-added service consisting of an integrated tracker on each refrigerated container. With Smart, customers can track the position and status of their refrigerated goods and ensure they travel in optimal conditions. It facilitates the management of the supply chain through an intuitive online interface that is updated in real time. This enables the customer to be more proactive at every step of the transport process. CMA CGM hopes to equip 10% of its fleet of refrigerated containers with trackers in 2022 and the entire fleet within two or three years. CMA CGM is the world’s second-largest reefer container shipping company, with 480,000 reefer containers (TEU), 300,000 reefer plugs, more than 500 vessels and 250 shipping lines.

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