EU pear crop up 4% in 2018/19

Mon 12/11/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

EU pear production is estimated to rise 4% in 2018/19. Variations have been reported in the different growing regions, with increased volumes in the northern countries and a smaller crop in the south. After a record low last year, output in Poland, Germany and Hungary is expected to rebound. The leading six pear producing EU Member States produce a combined 90% of total EU production. Italy is the EU’s largest pear producer, with almost 32,000 ha, and Emilia-Romagna is its main production area, accounting for about 75% of the country’s total. Italy’s production in 2018/19 is expected to climb very slightly from last year to 741,000 tons. Fruit quality and size is expected to be excellent. Abate Fetel remains Italy’s leading variety.

Production are in the Netherlands continues to grow and should exceed 10,000 ha. Despite the lack of rain this year, Dutch pear production (mainly Conference) is forecast to rise 21% to 398,000 tons.  The lack of rain and absence of irrigation in the south should result in smaller sized fruit. However, in the centre of the country, thanks to irrigation and August rainfall, the fruit there should reach a good size. There was very little frost or hail damage this year and the abundant sunshine has produced good tasting fruit.


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