Dutch and Belgian pear sizes hit by drought

Wed 10/10/2018 by Richard WIlkinson
Dutch and Belgian pear sizes hit by drought

Forecasts for this year’s production across Europe vary from country to country. The EU’s biggest pear grower, Italy, expects another steady harvest this year, while the Netherlands continues to expand production. However, the UK’s pear production continues its decline, a trend which has lasted for the past five years. Fruit size is reportedly a problem for Dutch and Belgian pear growers this season due to a lack of rainfall this summer. Estimates have been lowered by 10% and may even drop further without sufficient rainfall.

In terms of varieties, Conference, which accounts for two-fifths of all EU pears, is expected to have a good season overall. Volumes of the variety are up 4% on the three-year average. Unlike with apples, there are no new pear varieties that are yet making inroads into the main production figures.

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