Decco solutions guarantee flavour, freshness and firmness

Thu 09/03/2017 by Richard Wilkinson
Decco’s objective is to provide solutions that ensure the marketing of quality fruit that retains its initial flavour, freshness and firmness, so helping growers and packers to meet the needs of increasingly exacting consumers.

Trupcik®, Deccopyr Pot and Decco Aerosol Ultra are the latest solutions from the world leader in post-harvest treatments

Increasingly high-quality fruit is being demanded, making constant development of post-harvest treatments essential in order to reduce the percentage of fruit wastage and maximise the quality of the fruit that reaches the market. Decco’s objective is to provide solutions that ensure the marketing of quality fruit that retains its initial flavour, freshness and firmness, so helping growers and packers to meet the needs of increasingly exacting consumers.

The latest solution for each crop

As the conditions the fruit encounter are very diverse and changeable, Decco’s post-harvest specialists recommend the optimum treatment for each situation, backed by a wide-ranging catalogue that can provide an integral service from field to table. Fungicides, waxes and edible coatings are the keys to treatment. Combined with detergents, disinfectants and transport and storage solutions, they make it possible to preserve the quality of the fruit. Decco has research teams in the main citrus and pip fruit growing and exporting regions. At international meetings, they discuss the main challenges each region faces, seeking to draw on the working synergies and experience of the entire team. Given its global nature (Decco is the only post-harvest company with a direct presence in all five continents), the company is able to transfer its experience and developments from one part of the world to another.

World-wide research

For Decco’s teams, being part of a multinational company is a valuable opportunity as they can learn from the experience and know-how of colleagues in other markets such as Turkey or Brazil. In Brazil, Decco opened a new factory in October. The new facility is the only one in the country that is able to emulsify polyethylene and shellac waxes that meet the legal requirements for both that market and exports. In recent years Decco has allotted major resources to developing the Latin American markets, leading to significant achievements in both sales and market shares. The recent inauguration of its own factory there is a further example of the commitment to emerging countries that is always part of Decco’s strategy.

Trupcik®: a novelty for Fruit Logistica

In this international atmosphere, as Fruit Logistica is the fair par excellence of the fruit and vegetable sector it provides the ideal forum for exchanging experiences and sharing the solutions supplied in over 50 countries where the company currently has a presence.

One of the most important new products that Decco will be presenting at Fruit Logistica is Trupcik®, the latest generation 1-MCP patented by the company, which is already being successfully marketed in countries such as the United States and Turkey and will be on sale in Europe as soon as the registration process is complete.

Deccopyr Pot: the new fumigation solution

Deccopyr Pot is a new pyrimethanil-based fungicidal fumigation solution for treating stone and pip fruit, both preventively and curatively, to combat the problems caused by a wide range of major fungal infections such as Monilia, Botrytis, Penicillium, Alternaria, Gloesporium, etc. Fumigants are an excellent way of applying pyrimethanil, ensuring residue levels and high efficiency in fruit with approved MRLs, as well as being a tool in combating resistances and to complement the use of this and other fungicides in wash form.

Decco Aerosol Ultra: a potent biocide

Another new product that will be presented at Fruit Logistica is Decco Aerosol Ultra, an aerosol formulation based on glycolic acid, which is a potent biocide with a property the market demands: a product with maximum efficiency and no residues, as it is biodegradable. The new total discharge application system easily and safely sprays a fog of the product, disinfecting the air both in empty rooms and in ventilation systems. The market requires increasingly exacting solutions and together with the legal restrictions, this creates a situation of uncertainty. However, thanks to the synergies of its international team, strategic support from UPL and close collaboration agreements with national and European institutions, Decco is tackling them with confidence in its ability to continue to respond to its clients’ needs and interests.


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