Citromax Group completes first exports of Argentine fresh lemons to China

Mon 27/07/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Citromax Group completes first exports of Argentine fresh lemons to China

“There is much to celebrate,” said Bernabé Padilla, fresh fruit commercial manager. “I think that achieving 35% more exports, taking up the challenge of opening a new market like China, and doubling our volume to the US in such a particular context are events worth highlighting.”

Citromax Group has become the first Argentine citrus grower to complete exports of fresh lemons to China, where it expects to send 120 tons this season, and twice this volume next year. The company is trialling two routes to see the results: 3 containers via Hong Kong and then by truck to Shenzen, and 2 containers direct to Shanghai, all destined for the food service channel, where there is great demand in the Asian giant. As for the season in general, Argentina started earlier due to the high demand for lemon around the world, the difficulties that Spain had in supplying Europe with its fruit, and the uncertainty generated by the pandemic regarding the continuity of activities at the local level. In these circumstances, Citromax Group will complete its shipments in early August, with volumes up by 35%.

“We needed to modify our commercial strategy. The paralysis experienced in channels such as food service increased the need to prioritise supermarket programmes, which led to higher demand for our product, mainly in Italy, Russia and the US, a market that this year doubled its share to 20% of our overall export volumes.”


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