CASI to chronicle its history in partnership with the UAL

Mon 29/01/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

To mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Agricultural and Livestock Cooperative San Isidro (CASI) in 2019, the story of the famed cooperative is to be written in collaboration with the UAL. A high-level delegation from the UAL visited CASI’s modern tomato-classification facilities and sign the research contract needed to start to work on the CASI History Book. The book which chronicle the cooperative’s trajectory from its foundation to the present day to be used as teaching material and for promoting the benefits of cooperativism., the University of Almeria and the cooperative have signed a collaboration agreement for UAL researchers to be responsible for preparing the monograph “La Cooperativa Agrícola San Isidro (CASI). History of a cooperative success

The CASI cooperative is central to the agricultural production of the province and to the society and territory in which it was founded, which is where almost all of its members come from. It constitutes an example of the social benefits of cooperativism as a corporate legal form, and this trajectory should serve as a model for other groups, whether students, professionals or companies.




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