Carmingo®Primassi (cov): The early apricot variety with taste! Successful varietal presentations in Roussillon (France)

Mon 22/06/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Carmingo®Primassi (cov): The early apricot variety with taste! Successful varietal presentations in Roussillon (France)

Since the launch of the Carmingo® apricot range, International Plant Selection (IPS) has risen to the challenge of offering producers attractive, high-quality taste varieties on an extended maturity calendar with greater geographical adaptation, optimised thanks to their self-fertility. Resistance to Sharka is now one of the selection criteria, and thanks to the evolution of new technical selection tools (validation by the PROTOCOL PPV-Ctifl 2017-2019) IPS is now able to position its range. The year 2020 is marked by the official launch of the Carmingo®Primassi (cov) IPS27.12 variety, a two-tone self-fertile variety which is harvested 7 to 10 days after Colorado. Flowering is relatively late for an early-maturing variety. The vibrant orange fruit has a bright red overprint on 50 to 70% of the epidermis. Elliptical in shape it is fine textured, tender and juicy. The flavour is fragrant and aromatic. The production potential of the variety is confirmed in all areas of production with a 2A the dominant calibre.

Carmingo®Primassi (cov) apricot variety was successfully presented last May 28th in Ille-sur-Têt (France) at the farm of Mr Guillaumat, along with other promising and very Carmingo@Prialina (cov) apricot, harvested 10 days earlier. The event counted with the participation of the major stone fruit farmers of the Roussillon valley. Other new stone fruit varieties by IPS were also presented like Blanto® white-flesh nectarine. It is proving to have a high production potential, attractive colour and great taste in the very early segment. Blanto@ also demonstrates a good firmness and aptitudes during post-harvest handling. It has a white-creamy colour flesh, sweet and aromatic, juicy flesh, with low acidity.


Rubyngo® Rubissia (cov) the “red star” for the mid-season

Within the same ripening-time segment as the Orangered®Barth, IPS proposes the red-skinned apricot Rubyngo®Rubissia (cov). The fruit is brightly coloured, round, has a fine texture, a  tender and juicy flesh, and an aromatic flavour. This variety is self-compatible and has mid-season blooming. It is also Sharka-resistant, according to CTIFL protocol 2017-2019. The variety’s production potential has been confirmed in all production areas, with 2A the dominant calibre.

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