Capital Agro, a leading citrus and fresh fruits exporter’s commitment to quality and sustainability

Mon 23/10/2023 by Eurofresh Distribution
Mohamed Wafaey, Managing Director of Capital Agro

Capital Agro, is a prominent citrus and fresh fruits exporter, focusing on sourcing high-quality produce from local farmers and ensuring its safe and efficient delivery to international markets. Their primary goal is to provide customers with the freshest, most flavorful fruits while supporting the regional agricultural sector. They set themselves apart with a relentless commitment to quality, implementing stringent quality control measures throughout the supply chain. Cutting-edge storage and cooling facilities, along with expert oversight, maintain product freshness.

Mohamed Wafaey, Managing Director, says: “in this season, our main objective is expanding export volumes in key regions like North America, Asia, and the Middle East. Our aim to diversify their product offerings to match each market’s unique demands, maximizing export volumes”.

The citrus and fresh fruits industry is evolving, with growing demand for organic and sustainable produce. The company invests in sustainable cultivation practices and digital marketing strategies to connect directly with consumers.

Advancements in product varieties and technology are central to their operations, enhancing product quality and environmental sustainability.

Expectations for the upcoming orange season are high, with a plan to introduce new brands and increase volumes. The company maintains strong relationships with farmers and customers, adapting to market preferences and requirements.

Despite challenges, including maintaining consistent quality throughout the year, the company’s partnerships and strategic sourcing ensure a year-round supply of high-quality fruits.

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