BREEAM Outstanding for Kloosterboer Cool Port

Wed 11/07/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

On this 25 June, Kloosterboer received the BREEAM-NL “Outstanding” handover certificate for the Kloosterboer Cool Port cold store in the Rotterdam Waalhaven with an 86.76% score. According to the 2014 assessment directive, that makes this location of the Kloosterboer concern one of the most sustainable cold stores in the Netherlands.

With a capacity of 40,000 pallet spaces, the cold store has been operational for a year now. To achieve the desired BREEAM certificate, Kloosterboer took several measures during and after construction. For example, docks are used based on the DoBo principle. This means containers/trailers can dock with closed doors, so that the cold chain is maintained as much as possible. In addition, mobile racking in the storage units ensures optimal use of floor area and volume, and efficient storage of pallets saves in cooling costs. Residual heat from the cooling installation is not only used for the industrial processes, but also to heat floors in offices. The old clinkers from the former container terminal on which Cool Port is built, were re-used as foundation for the building. The site’s ecology has also been considered: for example, new planting sites were created around the building for the rare “white mullein” plant.

The building’s most sustainable aspect is the 11,000 solar panels placed on the building’s 27,000 m2 roof. The expected annual yield is no less than 2.6M kWh, which equals the annual consumption of 737 households. This allows Cool Port to largely meet its own energy requirements.

“We have accepted quite a challenge by aiming for “Outstanding” rather than “Excellent” right from the very first stage of construction. But good cooperation with main contractor Sprangers Bouwbedrijf, E&W installers, and various advisors has allowed us to realise this”, says Jeffrey van der Krogt, Project Manager at Kloosterboer.

“The energy transition is a process of many steps by many parties where everyone makes their own contribution. With its numerous measures in construction and operation, the Kloosterboer Cool Port cold store is an inspiring example in the port of Rotterdam,” says Allard Castelein, CEO Port of Rotterdam.

Kloosterboer Cool Port’s certification isn’t the first BREEAM certificate for a new build project by Kloosterboer. In 2014, the Maasvlakte location received a “Very good” certificate, and last year the Velsen location received the “Outstanding” certificate. The new high-rise cold store in Lelystad that will be completed at the end of this year also strives to achieve the “Outstanding” certificate.

Kloosterboer is 12th in the Dutch Top 100 Logistic Service Providers, and even holds the 5th place in terms of sustainability.

About Kloosterboer

The Kloosterboer Group is a family-owned company with 90 years of experience in the handling of temperature controlled food products, such as fish, meat, fruit, fruit juices /-concentrates, dairy and potato products. Kloosterboer develops and provides innovative and sustainable solutions in the supply chain for conditioned food products. Kloosterboer is committed to long-term relationships and wants to make cost savings for its customers and increase the level of service. The company is specialised in warehousing, stevedoring, forwarding, shipping, customs and logistics IT. With over 4.3 million m3 / 700,000 tonnes storage capacity spread across 16 locations and more than 750 employees, Kloosterboer is one of the leading companies in this sector.


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