More flavour with less calibre, the success formula of Nunhems to satisfy the melon and watermelon market

Tue 10/07/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
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Research into buying habits enables innovation with new options aimed at increasing consumer loyalty

For another year, the watermelon and melon teams of Nunhems®’ have shown the benefits of working with a customer-centred approach. Since 27 June and until 4 July, the experimental station at La Palma, Cartagena, has been holding the fourth edition of the Melon & Watermelon Business Event for Experts, the best world showcase to display the enormous capacity for innovation Nunhems® applies, showing producers and distributors in the field a selection of new developments in which the main argument is flavour.

Based on the success obtained with varieties which have revolutionised the market, such as the Fashion® seedless black watermelon and the Galkia® Galia melon, the Nunhems® brand stays faithful to its line of work focused on flavour and taste quality as the main tool for achieving customer loyalty.

“We are privileged to have a lot of market information, we know each country’s consumer habits perfectly and we constantly listen to the demands of all the links in the food chain, so we did not put a foot wrong some years ago when we began a process of varietal improvement based on flavour. The market has proven us right and we are achieving our goal: consumers who try one of our varieties want to repeat the experience,” explains Juan Sastre, Crop Sales Manager for watermelon in Nunhems®.

Innovations in watermelon

In watermelon, all new developments coincide in offering four attributes highly valued by consumers: flavour, colour, a crunchy texture and good cutting attitude. These four features are found in the whole Nunhems® range of watermelons, whatever their colour or calibre.

In the mini watermelon group, the aim of Nunhems® is to guarantee the consumer the same high quality offered to markets demanding varieties of greater size. As well as the well-known Premium F1, Frilly F1 and Kaori F1, four new varieties are presented, among which NUN 11603 WMW F1 stands out because it is the ideal variety to cover programmes of watermelon between 1.5 and 2 kg with ‘Premium’ quality.

In black triploid watermelon, a segment in which Nunhems® guarantees consumers stable quality throughout the period, this year, the Stellar F1 has shown its excellent adaptability to protected cultivation and early open air, offering very secure, stable

behaviour, with excellent setting capacity, and well-shaped, high quality fruit. Stellar F1’s production versatility is complemented by its cutting attitude in the shop, because its small seed cavity and primordium ensures clean cuts, very attractive to consumers.

In watermelon for processing, segment in which maintains close cooperation with companies specialising in ‘fresh cut’, the Embassy F1 variety stands out, offering an intense red coloured and firm flesh without loss of flavour or crunchy texture.

Coliseo F1*, the revolution in Piel de Sapo melons

With a calibre of about 3.5 kg and intended for marketing on the national market, Coliseo F1* is the first Piel de Sapo melon to incorporate resistance to the ToLCNDV virus, also offering high production security in different climate conditions. With a spectacular flavour and an exceptional taste quality, Melizar F1 stands out with a very attractive format to consumers. With a smaller calibre and aimed at the export market is the PdS505 variety, offering maximum flavour together with an attractive format and a complete package of resistances.

In cantaloupe melons, this year the well-known Magenta line includes the new CA256, a variety for later crop cycles, with resistance to aphids and mildew. In the Galkia range, which has become a benchmark because it guarantees the Galia melon cut at the optimum moment, the GA535 and GA966 varieties include new resistances and adaptability to more extreme cultivation conditions. In Charentais melons, the Khorum F1 variety for early or medium planting cycles has been introduced this year: it has an outstanding flavour, a very attractive external presence and exceptional plant behaviour.

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