Brazil orange crop expected to plummet by 27% in 2018/19

Tue 03/07/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
naranjas brasil

Brazil’s orange crop for 2018/19 is expected to be 27% lower than in 2017/18, at 393 million boxes.   The dramatic decline in production is mainly due to tree stress. The high number of fruits produced per tree last year stressed the trees and groves and negatively affected fruit setting for the 2018 crop. Also, high October temperature harmed fruit setting. Around 70% of the harvest originates from the first blossoming, followed by approximately 13% from the second blossoming and 13% from the third blossoming. This projection is based on the Defense Fund for Citriculture’s crop forecast published in May. The main varieties grown in Brazil are Hamlim, Westin, Rubi, Valecia Americana, Valencia Argentina, Seleta, Pineapple, Pera Rio, Valencia, Folha Murcha Valencia and Natal.

Brazil’s orange production per region (2015-2018)

Source: USDA

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