Bollo Natural Fruit increases its turnover to 500 million euros

Wed 18/10/2023 by Maria del Mar Valenzuela

Bollo Natural Fruit, which has more than 8,000 hectares under cultivation, is one of the top three Spanish fruit and vegetable companies with a sales volume of around 500,000 tonnes. As a leading lemon and orange operator, Bollo Natural Fruit is committed to extending the Bollo brand’s seal of quality, increasing its portfolio with new products, such as grapes.Thanks to the new structure, Bollo Natural Fruit has expanded its operations globally, covering 15 countries of origin to supply more than 50 commercial destinations. The organic growth of the business, combined with the company’s role in sector consolidation, boosted revenues to €500m in the year just ended. Bollo Natural Fruit, which expects to maintain its organic growth in the coming year, will strengthen its presence in Asia and focus on destinations such as India, Indonesia, Brazil, Canada, the United States and the Middle East.

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