BelOrta hope Migo will supplant Conference

Thu 09/11/2017 by Richard Wilkinson

Offering more kilos per hectare and a higher average price, BelOrta holds exclusive rights to distribute the Migo pear in Belgium. The firm hopes more fruit growers will opt to produce this variety, which was developed by GKE and

The Migo Pear was launched in 2015 as the slightly thicker variant of the Conference Pear and is the result of a cross between a Conference and a Doyenné d’Hiver.

“Migo is distinguished by good retention and excellent quality,” said Etienne Leclere of BelOrta. Currently, the pear is grown by about fifteen producers, who have a combined total number of about 66,000 trees. “At our tasting centre in Kerkom, there are some trees that are already 15 years old, but the majority are young plantations.”

The target for next year’s harvest is to produce 400 to 500 tons

. “In the long run, we hope to break the Conference monoculture,” said Leclere.”In India, we see a lot of potential for Migo pears. But Germany is also an important market for our pears.”

The Migo pear will be the subject of a promotional campaign throughout the month of November as part of a collaboration with Cliniclowns. For each Migo sold in this period, part of the proceeds will go to Cliniclowns. Cliniclowns sends professional clowns to hospitals to relieve sick and disabled children. The clowns help the children to adapt to their new environment and dedicate their attention to day-to-day life at the hospital.

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