BASF offers Tintero, with triple resistance and great quality

Mon 25/07/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Tintero is BASF’s new product for this season, offering resistance to yellow vein viruses, yellowing and powdery mildew, and guaranteeing good performance against Mycosphaerella. But if there’s one thing that everybody is concerned with its fruit quality. Tintero is a very dark, striated cucumber, with no bottleneck, and promises uniform size in both the cane and the regrowth. It is precisely the dark colouring of the fruit that makes it stand out from other early varieties, where issues with over-ripening are common. Meanwhile, Sqisito, Atolon and Buque represent BASF’s response to a clear trend in the entire agri-food value chain: the search for more sustainable production, which the firm accomplishes by developing greater resistance. The three varieties have triple resistance (to yellow vein, yellowish and powdery mildew virus), with Sqisito also resistant to the New Delhi virus (ToLCNDV) and guaranteeing good behaviour against Mycosphaerella. Buque is BASF’s first long cucumber variety for the autumn cycle with resistance to CGMMV. All of these varieties offer great fruit quality, and are dark, ribbed and without bottleneck, which they maintain until the end of the cycle.

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