Banana leaf represents offers sustainable alternative to plastics

Thu 14/11/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Banana leaf represents offers sustainable alternative to plastics

Banana Leaf is now being proposed as a sustainable alternative to plastics and paper in packaging. Many banana growers discard the leaf as there was no means of preserving it. Tenith Adithyaa is founder of Banana Leaf, a company which specialises in transforming the product. Adithyaa developed a way to improve the cells in the banana plant so that the leaves can be preserved and strengthened so that they can subsequently be used as material. As Portal reports,  Adithyaa worked with banana leaves because they are widely produced throughout the world but this cell biology work could also be done with other vegetables. He developed a cellular way to transform the leaves into a versatile product by devising a technology that reinforces the cellular wall, thereby slowing down the aging process, before freezing the product for three years. The resulting leaves are resistant to extreme temperatures and can bear greater loads than natural leaves.

Banana Leaf now uses the technology in over 30 products, including cups, plates, envelopes, and boxes. Banana Leaf sells its patented innovation to companies around the world wishing to replicate the idea.

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