At Mercadona, quality is a goal in all areas

Through its Total Quality Model, Mercadona has worked passionately for years to satisfy the company’s five main components: “The Boss” (customer), The Worker, The Supplier, The Company and The Capital.
Mon 27/06/2022 by by Maria Belen Barbini
© Mercadona
© Mercadona

With a 15.5% share of the Spanish market, Mercadona is taking on the challenge of improving product quality in order to constantly move forward. The firm’s president Juan Roig said: “We are aware that can always improve quality and that we have to achieve it at unbeatable prices.” This year, Mercadona’s commitment is to once again offer a complete range of goods with excellent quality at the best prices and meet customer expectations.

For Mercadona, “quality” means that each individual product, each purchase and each act of consumption is as it should be. Firstly, it means having a good taste, smell, colour and texture; and secondly, that it is safe for consumption, healthy for the body, and sustainable for the planet and for society.

In 2021, Mercadona opened a total of 70 stores in Spain and renovated 84 to adapt them to the Efficient Store Model. In Portugal, Irmãdona (Mercadona’s ‘sister’ company) opened 9 new supermarkets, taking the total for the network to 29 outlets. Moreover, it opened two new co-innovation centres, where the retailer develops innovative products and works to improve the assortment with the support of chefs.

Mercadona Online is expanding

In addition to its network of physical stores, Mercadona also has establishments dedicated to handling online orders for customers in Spain who opt for the digital sales channel. These outlets are currently in operation in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid, with plans to add two new ones in 2022 (in Alicante and Seville).

As part of its growth strategy and efforts to devise new solutions, the company has begun to develop a new telepurchasing model. Currently in testing, the model is designed to meet the needs of its online “Bosses” (shoppers) in areas where order volumes are low and stores have sufficient capacity to satisfy demand.

Strategy 6.25

In order to transition to a more ecologically sustainable framework for action, Mercadona continued to promote its Strategy 6.25 last year, under which it will invest a total of €140 million by 2025 with the aim of reducing plastic by 25%, making all packaging recyclable and recycling all plastic waste.

Mercadona España (2021)

1,633 stores

93,300 employees

€21 billion in sales

€1.95 billion in paid taxes

€27.4 billion in turnover

€1.1 billion in investments

Mercadona Portugal

29 stores

2,500 employees

€500 million in sales

€62 million in paid taxes

€415 million in turnover

€110 million in investments

Mercadona Online

€258 million in turnover

1,636 employees

1.8 million orders

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