Assomela opposes EU proposals for packaging ban

Mon 08/05/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Italian apple producer association Assomela has criticised proposed EU regulation that would ban all fruit and vegetable packaging, except for products over 1.5kg, describing the measure as “discriminatory” and “disproportionate”. Assomela has called for reconsideration of the proposed Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) which would affect all types of packaging, including cardboard, across all sectors, with the association believing it goes too far, and focuses too much on reuse rather than recycling.

A spokesperson for Assomela said: “Although the Commission’s goals on packaging are generally commendable in the context of a transition towards sustainable packaging solutions, apple producers are primarily concerned about the discriminatory approach used in the proposed regulation for the fruit and vegetable sector and the Commission’s shift of focus from recycling to reuse. It seems the Commission did not consider packaging’s numerous functions in the fruit and vegetable sector. Packaging serves to transport and protect the product during transportation and logistics operations; and it is needed to extend shelf-life, prevent food waste, and to avoid microbial contamination. What’s more, packaging serves to communicate mandatory information to consumers (such as variety, traceability, origin), and to speak to the consumer about innovations that differentiate the product – in the case of apples, the example of new varieties is obvious.”

The proposed regulation would also mean that all stickers placed on fruit had to be industrially compostable, which means they must be able to break down within 180 days at an industrial composting facility. The term ‘home compostable’, in contrast, means they have to break down within 12 months in the ambient environment.


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