ANECOOP optimistic about Bouquet persimon campaign

Anecoop is has good expectations for this kaki campaign, given the market conditions which, according to company sources, will have a positive impact on prices.
Tue 20/10/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
ANECOOP optimistic about Bouquet persimon campaign

These positive supply and demand conditions are due to the generally smaller crop and the exceptional quality of the fruit, with good sizes and excellent flavour. Despite the smaller harvest, the Anecoop Persimon Group has posted production estimates similar to those of last year’s record volume of 162,000 tons, thanks to the integration of the COAGRI cooperative. The Anecoop Persimon Group now represents 55% of Spanish production and 45% of exports.

The company strives every year to introduce improvements that allow it to go further in terms of distance and extend its calendar, positioning its Bouquet-branded Persimon kaki in more distant markets and for longer. To open markets and promote this fruit in markets where it is still relatively unknown, Anecoop works together with the D.O. Kaki Ribera del Xúquer, seal of quality for the Rojo Brillante variety, in Germany, France, Spain, the UK, Canada, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. For these joint campaigns, it has the support of the Generalitat Valenciana, the EU and ICEX. Anecoop also promotes its products in Spain, Germany, France, Poland, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia, with initiatives on social networks, TV and in points of sale.

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