Agroponiente Group launches ‘Kisy’, its new ‘personal’ size watermelon

Mon 20/05/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Agroponiente Group launches 'Kisy', its new 'personal' size watermelon

Kisy is here, the new “personal size” watermelon for individual consumers, which launches Grupo Agroponiente with Jimbo Fresh. It is a mini watermelon of great flavor , easier to peel, eat and drink anywhere, which is a response to market demands in the sense of a type of Watermelon for small families or individual consumers. It is a ‘mini’ watermelon of 650 to 950 grams and great flavor, with between 10 and 11 degrees Brix

Kisy is promoted and marketed as a healthy snack watermelon, with dark skin, firm red flesh and a great commitment to flavor, since its flavor scale ranges from 10 to 11 degrees Brix, which responds perfectly to the firm commitment of Grupo Agroponiente with the flavor, in this and in other products of its portfolio.

Kisy is commercialized between the months of April and August, grown in Spain and with rigorous quality protocols in production and packaging, with climatic and phytosanitary control, control of collection methods and the cultivation and pruning system. Its main markets are going to be the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.

Undoubtedly, its mini size and its high degree of flavor are the big bets, the differential values ​​of Kisy, the result of a lot of work when it comes to studying in detail the market trends and the demands of the clients and working to obtain fair the response to these trends.

Kisy opens a world of possibilities to enjoy the sensations of watermelon, both in the way of transporting it and eating it, since it is an easy product to eat at home and to eat and drink anywhere, which is easily peeled and as if it were any other individual fruit and that is stored and transported in a very simple way, especially in the refrigerators, avoiding the problems of another type of watermelon calibers.


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