Adieu to plastic in fruit and vegetable packaging 

Mon 10/01/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

On January 1, the rule that prohibits the use of plastic in packaging of fruits and vegetables weighing less than 1.5 kg came into force in France, although some exceptions remain until 2026, such as for the sale of berries. Thus ends the plastic packaging of tomatoes, onions, turnips, courgettes, cucumbers, kiwis, lemons and other small foods, often sold in prepared packs.

The decree stipulates that distributors can continue to use packaging for at least six more months for as long as stocks last. Distribution firms, who will now have to turn to alternatives such as cardboard for tomatoes, and cellulose nets or paper bags, bemoan the lack of consultation between the parties, since they have not yet found a substitute for plastic for packaging radishes, soybeans and lamb’s lettuce, among other vegetables.


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