With the installation of more than 1,000 sorting lanes specifically for blueberries and small fruits, UNITEC enables blueberry producers to guarantee optimal performance in terms of speed, precision, control and automation of processing.
Mon 03/07/2023 by Unitec Group
UNITEC Bluberry Vision 3

Excellent results thanks to UNITEC Blueberry Vision 3 and UNIQ Blueberry

The innovative Blueberry Vision 3 and UNIQ solutions – 100% designed and manufactured by the UNITEC team – allow blueberries to be selected according to external and internal quality parameters. Blueberry Vision 3 is able to view 100% of the surface of each blueberry in order to allow selection based on multiple parameters, such as defects in shape, optical size and colour. In addition, UNIQ Blueberry also makes it possible to select for internal quality with a high degree of reliability and total preservation of the integrity of each fruit, to ensure a complete selection of the quality of these small fruits that meets the expectations of individual consumers.

“UNITEC is strongly connected to the market, and with more than 20 branches around the world, it is able to listen to the needs of all its customers and respond promptly – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – to all the needs of packing houses, thus also eliminating costs from interruptions to work and allowing operations to run more smoothly,” said UNITEC president Angelo Benedetti.

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