50 unstoppable years of La Palma Cooperative revolutionising food

Thu 01/12/2022

Cooperativa La Palma celebrates 50 years of business experience, effort and purpose for improvement, which has positioned the firm as the No. 1 largest producer of cherry and specialty mini vegetables in Spain and a benchmark in Europe. The cooperative is made up of more than 700 farmers and 1,200 workers, whose work, knowledge and motivation are revolutionising food.

At next year’s Fruit Logística, La Palma will present solutions for the new challenges of agriculture: sustainability with a better product, not only because of its taste but also because it is more nutritious and sustainable. The cooperative is entirely immersed in this authentic food revolution as reflected in innovative and extraordinary fresh products, its new quality vegan alternatives, its sustainable packaging and its new marketing concepts.

Cooperativa La Palma continues to focus on its magnificent selection of top quality vegetables, including mini-vegetables, such as specialty tomatoes, snack cucumbers and mini-peppers. It also has an extensive range of subtropicals made up of custard apple, avocado and mango, which have been joined by pitahaya, passion fruit and citric caviar as interesting new items.

In addition, the firm is developing its premium convenience range La Parcela®, the spearhead of its commitment to R&D, made up of delicious 100% natural gazpacho and salmorejo soups, based on flavourful tomatoes and a tasty product catalogue made from the cooperative’s fresh produce. For the first time, a brand is managing the entire cycle from cultivation and production to processing. Controlling the entire process results in guaranteed quality and is the differential value of the La Parcela® premium brand. All products are made without additives and following strict methods to ensure the organoleptic properties of the freshly picked vegetables are preserved and to satisfy a market that is concerned about health, origin and production methods.

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