4th International Forum of Agricultural Robotics to feature demonstrations

Wed 04/12/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
4th International Forum of Agricultural Robotics to feature demonstrations

The fourth edition of the International Forum of Agricultural Robotics (FIRA) will be held in Toulouse (France) on 10-11 December, 2019. The event is organised by the Global Organization for Agricultural Robotics (GOFAR), in partnership with Meister Media Worldwide and its brands including PrecisionAg, CropLife, AgriBusiness Global, and Growing Produce. Since its first year, FIRA’s exhibition area has tripled, and the event will feature conferences, roundtables, and high-quality technical workshops. 15 robots will be presented and a first scientific symposium will be organised by Robagri.

For the first time, 15 manufacturers of agricultural robots will be exhibiting. These robots perform agricultural tasks from helping with weed management to providing logistic support. The exhibiting manufacturers include: Naïo Technologies, Ecorobotix, Agrointelli, Vitibot, Tibot, Deepfield Robotics, Sony CSL, Rhoban System, Instar Robotics, Farmwise, SITIA, and Meropy.

The first day of conferences and roundtables will be more field-oriented.  There will also be a session on ethical and societal issues in agricultural robotics presented by Alexei Grinbaum (author and researcher at CEA-Saclay). Roundtables will discuss the global market for agricultural robotics per major region, as well as the issues of the standardisation of these autonomous machines in Europe and worldwide.

The second day will focus on facilitating meetings and exchanges between the players of the sector, with pitches and presentation of the robots on-site, followed by business appointments and opportunities for partnerships.

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