18.1% of Spaniards cutting out fruit due to inflation

Tue 14/11/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Almost half of Spaniards are changing the way they eat due to the general rise in food prices. This is the finding of the 6th Health and Life Study prepared by insurance company Aegon. The study provides detailed information on how consumers are excluding certain fresh foods from their diet and how in many cases, they have been forced to change their diet and it has been getting worse over the last few months.

The study also takes into account sociodemographic factors, with women more likely to cut down on fruit than men, and young people going without fruit more than the elderly. Just over 45% of those surveyed declared that they had stopped consuming some food due to the rising prices. This was particularly the case for fish (52.5%), followed by meat (34.9%) and fruit (18.1%). That is to say, many have eliminated from their shopping basket basic foods, full of nutrients and of great nutritional value that should be included regularly in the daily diet and that, for this reason, are replaced in many cases by processed foods and less fresh.


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