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Paradisul Inflorit: Romania’s  biggest cherry orchard Paradisul Inflorit was founded in 2003 by Italian managers and now spans 70 ha of cherry orchards, with a further 20 ha of young […]
Sun 27/09/2015

Paradisul Inflorit: Romania’s  biggest cherry orchard
Paradisul Inflorit was founded in 2003 by Italian managers and now spans 70 ha of cherry orchards, with a further 20 ha of young trees planted last year. “We carry out all the processes: we grow cherries, pack and process them, and store them if necessary, etc,” said Fogolin Francesco of Agronomic Consulting.
More than 20 cherry varieties are grown by Paradisul and harvested from late May to early July.
All the processes adhere to the latest technologies. Trees are planted under an intensive system; with the majority protected with anti-hail film, to avoid damage to fragile fruits. Sorting is done on the modern Unitec equipment.
About 80% of the crop is exported to Europe under the Eva brand name. “We are happy that we can grow in Romania fruits of the best European quality,” Fogolin said.

Cherries from Romania to Europe, with love
Prodcom Legume – Fructe is a non-commercial public inter-professional organization of Romanian producers, distributors and exporters of fruit and vegetables. Its main goal is the consolidation of the sector for its stable development as a part of the national agriculture industry. Prodcom’s activities are supported by the EU and the government of Romania. Last June it organised a trip of Russian and Ukrainian buyers to cherry orchards.

Ana Are and Casa Panciu: well known Romanian brands
Italprod Srl. is located in picturesque Buzau County, about 145 km from Bucharest. The company manages a large area with 125 ha of vineyards, 87 ha of apples and 5 ha of cherries, mostly Kordia and Regina.

Ana Are

It is an integrated complex, incorporating all the chain of production and pre-sales preparation. The orchards are located in the protected area with mild climate, moderate rainfall, no hail, etc. Thanks to that and the excellent quality of the saplings, the yield is high: 16 tons/ha for grapes, 20 tons/ha for cherries.
Ana Are fruits and wines under the brand name Casa Panciu are highly regarded within the domestic market and exported to many European countries.

Livada means orchard
Livada is a 33 ha orchard of cherries, apples, pears and plums managed by the family of the engineer Adrian Popescu. It was planted in 2012 with EU investments. The young trees were brought from Holland and planted according to intensive method.
The facilities are equipped with the most modern machinery, including a sorting line with photo elements. While harvesting, a special engine does the primary sorting.

Livada Popescu

“Thanks to high quality of our fruits, we export them to most demanding markets: Germany, Holland and (pre-embargo) Russia,” said A. Popescu.
Livada is currently signing a contract with a retailer from Belorussia. “This season, the crop won’t be large due to the freezing weather last December, and the prices are rather high, but our clients are ready to pay knowing the good quality of our fruits,” Popescu said.

Hortifruit, more than 700 ha of orchards
Hortifruit is an association of Romanian fruit producers located in Ostrovits peninsula, by the Danube River, on the border with Bulgaria.
Hortifruit growers cultivate 300 ha of table and wine grapes, and 477 ha of plums, peaches, cherries and sour cherries, which were planted 5 years ago.


Some fruits are exported fresh, others are processed at Hortifruit’s own canning plant, the largest in Romania. Thanks to the EU’s 20 million investment, Hortifruit uses the most modern technologies and equipment.