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The strategies of largest Russian retail chains during pandemic

World Food Moscow's forum of the leaders of food retail market: The strategies of largest Russian retail chains during pandemic © World Food Moscow
© World Food Moscow


As predicted earlier, Covid-19 keeps on threatening the health of the citizens from many countries, and to those countries’ economics consequently. The managers of all the businesses speculates over the approaches to be chosen, and schemes to be adopted.

No wonder, the World Food Moscow’s forum of the leaders of food retail market where top managers of the largest Russian retail brands spoke about their strategies during the spring’ upsurge of the pandemic, created large interest of the audience.

To provide the safety of the staff, 80 special “backup” shifts were organized by Piaterochka (part of X5 Group) in their distribution centres, said Sergey Goncharov, general manager. In case a single person of the shift got ill, the entire shift was dismissed for the confinement to be replaced by the backup team.

To support consumers, Magnit brand organised the collection
of food for people in difficult situation, encouraged its staff to volunteer in taking food to aged people confined in their homes. In every city and town, dozens and hundreds of employees contributed to these initiatives, related Ruslan Ismailov, deputy general director.

During the panics of the beginning of the pandemic, food stocks of some products were drained in no time, said Yohannes Tolay, general manager of Auchan Retail Russia. Nonetheless, company’s IT department managed to fix the delivery within the shortest period.

Thanks to the fast response to the challenges, flexibility and solidarity, our business obtained positive results, informed Martin Shumaher, general director of Metro C&C.

Operating through small stores, it was challenging to accomplish the safety requirements. However, we arranged the app delivery; by August, we have delivered some 900,000 orders, informed Evgeniy Rimskiy, purchase executive.
With the decrease of consumers’ income, Lenta redirected its offer toward cheaper assortment, said Yup Van Vreden, purchase and supplies director. We intend to be closer to our clients.

Marita Koskinene, general director of Prisma, is sure costumers’ safety becomes the basic value and the priority for the retailers. On the other hand, we realized that distance work is very efficient too, she stated.  

The Forum was held in the frame of World Food Moscow Exhibition last September.

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World Food Moscow, positive results

World Food Moscow, positive results

World Food Moscow Exhibition closed last Friday. The edition was limited due to the absence of foreign participation; however more than 300 companies exhibited their goods. The number of visitors exceeded the estimations.

Industry conferences were held during the Exhibitions. Meeting the demands of current challenging situation, they were broadcasted and available online for large public.

Thus, the plenary debate of the leaders of Russian food market attracted plenty of audience both offline and online. During this debate Market & consumers: the era of uncertainty, the largest food retailers conferred their experience of overcoming the challenges of confinement and economic crisis. The attendants of the debate could question top managers of Auchan, Vkusvill, Lenta, Magnit, Metro, Prisma, and X5 Group. Most of them revealed that while health safety became their priority, the loyal staff managed to organise a most efficient operation in the shortest time. Quick feedback, flexibility and solidarity helped to obtain astonishing results.

Fresh fruit and vegetable annual conference organised by Retail Academy project gathered the directors of fruit & vegetables departments of Komandor, Auchan, Magnit retail brands and analytics of Infoline and Romir information agencies. They shared their experience of competent category development, exposed statistics figures and presented innovative projects tested in their stores.

Russian Minister of Agriculture D. Razin visited the share and assisted at the signature of some important agreements.

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World Food Moscow, the first industry event to take place offline after the lockdown

World Food Moscow, the first industry event to take place offline after the lockdown

On 22 to 25 September 2020 Crocus Expo will host WorldFood Moscow, Russia’s leading food and drink exhibition, organized by Hyve Group.

 WorldFood Moscow 2020 will become the first industry event to take place offline after the lockdown. It will offer food manufacturers and suppliers the long-awaited opportunity to resume live communication, as well as to address various business needs, evaluate the market situation and catch up on new products, find new suppliers and partners, and make purchases.

Due to restrictions that are still effective in many countries, WorldFood Moscow 2020 will mostly feature companies from Moscow and 28 regions of Russia. This format will allow the visitors (80% being decision makers, as per current statistics) to comprehensively familiarize themselves with proposals by regional representatives and suppliers. In 2020, WorldFood Moscow meets the current request for import substitution, allowing the Russian business to find reliable partners for uninterrupted supplies even under restrictions; negotiate directly with top officials on favorable supply terms for Russia-made products of viable quality; form an up-to-date assortment matrix that meets the changed consumer demand. At WorldFood Moscow 2020, buyers of cafes, restaurants, hotels and catering establishments, growing in number every year, will be provided with the HoReCa Suppliers Guide, where companies ready to supply for the HoReCa segment will be specifically marked. The WorldFood Meetings scheduling service will make attendance as efficient as possible.

In 2020, more than 300 food manufacturers and distributors will exhibit their products, including over 500 novelties, in all 15 sections of WorldFood Moscow. More than 50 companies will be exhibiting at WorldFood Moscow for the first time.

This year, WorldFood Moscow received its first international support from the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO). The stand of Azerbaijan will feature 33 companies. Other international exhibitors will represent Greece, Kyrgyzstan, China, Lithuania, Moldova, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and France.