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Europatat Congress 2021 – Registrations are open!

Europatat Congress 2021 – Registrations are open!
Press Release

Europatat, the European Potato Trade Association, is excited to announce the opening of registrations for its upcoming annual Europatat Congress that will be organised on Thursday, 10th of June in a virtual format. This year’s event is open to the whole potato sector (registration is free of charge). Register today and don’t miss the opportunity to join the annual gathering of the European potato community!

Click here for the Registration:

Under the slogan “Stay connected – new strategies for the potato sector”, this special edition of the Europatat Congress will explore how the potato sector can benefit the most from digitalisation. Opening a two-hour virtual event moderated by Jean-Paul Judson (Founder of Nowmore), the Digital Expert Ömer Atiker will give an energising and inspiring keynote speech on how to use new digital possibilities to improve the daily operations of all types of companies and organisations operating in the potato sector. Watch this video to get a sneak peek of his charming style and get ready for an unconventional and engaging discussion full of surprises!

Other confirmed speakers include Anthony Atlas, Head of Product and Growth of ClimateAi; Lilian Escalon, Director HZPC Europe; and Felipe Medina, Technical Secretary General of ASEDAS and member of the European Economic and Social Committee. They will share their insights on the challenges and benefits that digitalisation can offer to the potato sector. Finally, Liam Glennon, Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee of the World Potato Congress in Dublin, will give an overview of the programme and activities planned for this unique potato event that will take place in Dublin (Ireland) from 30 May to 2 June 2022. Visit and find more information about the programme, speakers and sponsorship opportunities

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GLOBALG.A.P. celebrates 5 years of GGN label with virtual live event

GLOBALG.A.P.  celebrates 5 years of GGN label with virtual live event

This year GLOBALG.A.P.’s consumer-facing initiative, the GGN label, is turning 5 and to celebrate this anniversary, a virtual live event is being held on 27 April 2021. There will be a look-back on the great achievements in the aquaculture and floriculture sectors and details of the label’s vision and exciting new projects for the coming years will be shared.

The GGN label promotes certified and responsible farming and wants to make this visible to consumers as a guide to responsible choices in their daily grocery shopping. Consumers have one shopping list and are looking for consistent orientation among different product categories in their daily grocery shopping trips. For this reason, GLOBALG.A.P. has decided to move from scope-specific labels to one uniform label for all categories.

The GGN label value proposition “certified, responsible farming and transparency” is highly relevant to consumers and plays an active role in their purchasing choices. This is why we have decided to improve how we communicate our value proposition so that it will be instantly and intuitively understandable in the context where purchasing choices are made: split seconds in the hectic rush of everyday life.

Fruits and vegetables represent a key component of consumers’ grocery baskets, which is why GLOBALG.A.P. wants to give consumers the option to make a responsible choice in the most important fresh-farmed product categories. As such, the GGN label will be extended to the agriculture scope, starting April 2021.

Sign up for the virtual unveiling event hosted by GLOBALG.A.P. experts. Participation is open to all interested parties and free of charge.

The New GGN Label Unveiling Event

Online event on 27 April 2021, available in two sessions:

  • Session 1: 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. CET (English)
  • Session 2: 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. CET (Spanish)

Each session consists of two parts:

  1. Unveiling of the new GGN label

    Find out all you need to know about the new GGN label with

    Kristian Moeller (Managing Director GLOBALG.A.P.)

    Federica Berardo (Director Marketing Operations GLOBALG.A.P.)

    More speaker details to be announced

  2. Questions and answers
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Morocco Berry Conference 2021 – knowledge platform

Morocco Berry Conference

The consumption of berries continues to increase even in a context marked by the economic slowdown due to the covid pandemic. This confirms the consumer’s perception of the health benefits of berries.

For the Moroccan berry industry, this opportunity must be complemented by effective measures to maintain and increase its market shares in the face of strong competition from traditionally exporting countries that are technically and commercially very efficient.

Continuous upgrading in terms of technicality and marketing is essential for any operator in the sector.

The Morocco Berry Conference provides an opportunity for producers to re-evaluate the latest advances in crop management, post-harvest and developments in the berry market.

Even more than for the first edition of the MBC, Green Smile called on the greatest specialists of the largest producing countries in the world of berries: USA, Chile, Mexico, Holland, Spain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Italy, Canada, Spain….

The online event will be broadcast thanks to a latest generation platform equipped with very advanced features allowing interaction with speakers, between participants as well as with companies that have innovative solutions in the production of berries. This will allow a cross exchange certainly more profitable than for the old face-to-face seminars.

2 days of high-level conferences on what is done best in the berry field at your fingertips for a small fee.

This Morocco Berry Conference has already registered the participation of more than 30 foreign countries from all continents, this shows how the quality of the speakers awakens the interest of the berry community around the world.

Link to the program:

Registration link:

We Thank our partners and sponsors:



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Are virtual events the future?

Are virtual events the future? © yanalya, Freepik
 © yanalya –


With many of the sector’s events going virtual this year due to the pandemic, marketers have had to be creative to keep their communications global and effective. Speaking to Fruitnet, The California Prune Board is one such body. Esther Ritson-Elliott, director of international marketing and communications, said: “Over the last 12 months we have pivoted our approach and how we network with the trade. Previously we would have attended events like the INC Congress and Food Matters Live in person, arranging face-to-face meetings with food industry professionals and showcasing the versatility of our premium prunes with chef demonstrations and sampling. Now we are tapping into the use of virtual exhibition stands to highlight the merits of California Prunes.”

As Ritson-Elliott and her team have been unable to travel to Dubai for last week’s Gulfood event, the Board used locally based representatives at its dedicated CPB stand, which is situated in the US pavilion in the Dubai World Trade Centre. Organisers have strict health and safety protocols in place, and the Board has adapted to fit the necessary measures by using video as a way to demonstrate the industry’s heritage and methods, as well as the nutritional benefits and versatility of California Prunes.

In contrast, the CPB’s participation in the International Nut & Dried Fruit Council (INC) conference last November was completely virtual, with over 500 attendees from around the world meeting online for the first time in the event’s history. In lieu of being there ‘in person’, the Board hosted a virtual 3D exhibition area, in which visitors could browse and connect online with CPB representatives. 

More recently the California Prune Board held a virtual trade and media seminar for over 60 participants from across China and Hong Kong. Following the postponement of a planned grower visit to China last year, it was an opportunity for the Board to build and develop relationships with buyers by highlighting the California Prune industry and the benefits of prunes for Chinese consumers.

Looking ahead to 2021, Ritson-Elliott believes that some of the adaptations the industry has made to their marketing strategies will remain, thanks to the success of video conferencing, home working and virtual networking. She said: “I think it will take a year or so before ‘in-person’ trade shows return to the same scale they were pre-pandemic, and we are expecting to use virtual platforms into 2022. Even then there are certainly elements that will become the norm, with many companies globally acknowledging the business and personal benefits of allowing employees the flexibility of working from home and the virtual meeting culture remaining as a way to reduce time spent travelling.”

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Europatat Congress 2021 virtual edition

Europatat Congress 2021 virtual edition

Europatat, the European Potato Trade Association, is excited to announce that the 2021 edition of its annual Congress will be held on Thursday, 10th of June in a virtual format. Under the title “Stay connected – new strategies for the potato sector”, this special edition of the Europatat Congress will explore how the potato sector can benefit the most from digitalisation.

As one of the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic, more and more companies are performing their internal operations digitally, and this trend is seen along the whole food supply chain, from farm to fork. Potato traders and businesses from other segments of the sector are also adapting to the new times and switching to the digital world. Digitalisation is thus not only a business buzzword. Digital technologies have the potential to help tackle important economic, social, climate and environmental challenges facing the EU’s agri-food sector, while offering a huge advantage for companies of all sizes, including those in the potato sector.

Europatat is now delighted to announce the names of the confirmed speakers, among which the International Consultant and Digital Expert Ömer Atiker will be giving a keynote speech. A charming entertainer, Ömer builds bridges between people and technology. With a M.Sc. in Business Engineering, he founded one of the very first Internet agencies in the Netherlands, back in 1996. He later moved into digital marketing with his own agency, which he still owns and runs. Ever curious, he became an international keynote speaker, he offers both consulting and coaching as a trusted advisor, has recorded a dozen online courses in both English and German and is a lecturer in several universities.

Other confirmed speakers include Anthony Atlas, Head of Product and Growth of ClimateAi, Lilian Escalon, Director HZPC Europe, and Felipe Medina, Technical Secretary General of ASEDAS and member of the European Economic and Social Committee. Finally, Liam Glennon, Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee of the World Potato Congress in Dublin, will give an overview of the programme and activities planned for this unique potato event that will take place in Dublin (Ireland) from 30 May to 2 June 2022.

The organisers are honoured to have these wonderful speakers come and share their insights. Berta Redondo Benito, Secretary General of Europatat, states: “This year we are looking at a very special edition of our Congress. For the first time ever, this event will be organised in a virtual format that will provide an excellent opportunity for all partners of the potato supply chain from around Europe and beyond to meet and discuss how to make the most of digitalisation in their businesses. Don’t miss it!“

Visit for more information. Registrations will open soon.


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“Keeping the world supplied”, the first virtual Annual Southern Hemisphere Fresh Fruit Trade congress

“Keeping the world supplied”, the first virtual Annual Southern Hemisphere Fresh Fruit Trade congress


The Southern Hemisphere Association of Fresh Fruit Exporters will launch its very first Annual Southern Hemisphere Fresh Fruit Trade congress at the 25th of March 2021. With the defining theme “Keeping the world supplied”, this first edition will be dedicated to give exclusive insights and market intelligence on the current production & trading situation for key temperate fruit crop under pandemic conditions with contributions from all eight Southern Hemisphere suppliers: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, Peru, Uruguay and South Africa. Southern Hemisphere exporters contribute with 11 million T of exported temperate fruit with a market value of $ 14 billion USD to nearly ¼ of global fruit supply and play a significant role to the availability of healthy food choices.


Tuesday, 2nd February 2021 – The 1st virtual Southern Hemisphere Fresh Fruit Trade congress will be taking place at the 25th of March 2021, providing for the first time in the associations history exclusive market insights from all eight big Southern Hemisphere exporting nations with regard to crop trends, production and trade outlook for the year ahead. “We want to contribute towards more predictability and market know-how during these difficult times – and allow our trading partners in the Northern Hemisphere countries better planning for the year ahead”, says passing SHAFFE president Anton Kruger, Fresh Produce Exporters’ Forum (FPEF), South Africa. He adds “We receive many requests to share our market intelligence with a broader public – something we normally had done individually during one of the many annual trade shows throughout the year. This year we are teaming up, to show our common value and how we ensure supply security in our countries!”

“In order, to allow as many of our trading partners in the Northern Hemisphere to participate to the congress, we have decided to run two passages in one day, one at 11.00 am, to target our Asian trading partners and one run-up at 5.00 pm, to allow Northern American and European partners to join. With its globalized trading network, SHAFFE operates in an incredibly unique and international environment – a challenge we are happy to take for the congress!”, says SHAFFE Secretary General Nelli Hajdu. The program will encompass outlook reflections from all SHAFFE member associations (Fedecitrus, Argentinan Blueberry Committee, CAFI, Citrus Australia, Abrafrutas, Chilean Fruit Exporter Association (ASOEX), New Zealand Apple and Pears, ProCitrus, Upefruy, Fruit SA), detailed analysis of global temperate fruit trade developments and insights on changing consumer patterns for fruit consumption and purchase in key markets such as the U.S., China, Germany, U.K. and Russia. The secretariat is working with high speed towards the launch of the program. The registration-link is already open and participation will be free.

For more information please visit SHAFFE website.

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An unprecedented year calls for a different event as Fields of Innovation goes virtual 

An unprecedented year calls for a different event as Fields of Innovation goes virtual 
  • Syngenta Fields of Innovation takes place virtually for the first time on 21-25 September, showcasing exciting new varieties and offering genuine value through innovation  
  •  Vegetable growers can look to Syngenta’s innovative new varieties that bring qualities such as heat tolerance and suitability for mechanical harvesting to overcome modern challenges 
  • Registrations are now open:   

Just as 2020 is a year to remember. This year’s Fields of Innovation event will be too, but for positive reasons as it will be the event’s first virtual edition. The organisers have created a digital world in which growers and the entire value chain will be able to connect with international experts through unique 3D imagery, videos, technical information and live contact. Attendees will be able to experience the very best that Syngenta Vegetable Seeds has to offer.

Discover how value is created through innovation: World-class R&D is bringing new advances to market that keep pace with customers’ needs and changing farming conditions. Innovative qualities such as improved heat tolerance and more efficient harvesting are just some of the breakthroughs you can discover at this year’s Fields of Innovation.

An event that puts growers at the heart of everything: “At Syngenta Vegetable Seeds, one of our goals has always been ‘creating conversations’ through close partnerships and dialogue at a local level. This year, with the uncertainties that COVID-19 has brought, we saw an opportunity to connect and engage in a way we have never done before,” said a press release from the firm.

Tap into an unmatched level of quality and expertise: Going virtual this year means still being able to share the firm’s expertise and world-leading portfolio of over 2,500 varieties. Events such as Fields of Innovation play a key role in being able to discuss and debate the very best practice and latest insight.

New solutions that are making a real-world difference: “We know that our work transforms how crops are grown, enabling growers across the globe to maximize the output of crops sustainably. By making this year’s event virtual, wherever you are in the world you can still discover how we’re making a difference locally every single day.”

Paolo di Lernia, head of global marketing communications vegetable seeds confirms that the purpose of Fields of Innovation, whether it takes place physically or virtually, remains the same. Despite the challenges, we still want to give everyone concerned the chance to discover our innovative, high quality crops and connect with international experts. This has always been our approach at Syngenta Vegetable Seeds and never more so than through Fields of Innovation. That’s why it was so important to us that we explore new and exciting solutions that enable us to hold the event virtually. This way, we can introduce the entire value chain to innovations that are bringing genuine value, including new varieties that make a real-world difference through improved reliability, increased shelf life and by meeting modern consumer needs.”

The virtual edition of Fields of Innovation will go live during the same period as the physical edition was due to – from 21 to 25 September. “During that week, a lot of people call ‘Week 39’, we will allow visitors to access the field virtually”, says Brigitte van der Steen, Project Lead Fields of Innovation. “It will be combined with a 3D experience, whereby, as a visitor, you can browse the entire trial field, selecting crops that interest you. You’ll be able to dive further where you will be shown videos, discover the characteristics of various varieties and even ask questions to a field expert right then and there. As you work your way through the fields you can collect information in your ‘goodie bag’ which will be sent to you by email when you log out – thereby bringing all the information that is of interest, home with you. Of course, you can always rely on our expertise, whether you are sitting alone at home, in the office or in the field, in front of your computer or on your smartphone, we will be there for you.”


We are looking forward to welcoming you on our virtual field. To register and be kept up to date on all developments, please visit:

“Looking ahead at 2021, we are eagerly anticipating to seeing you again, in person or virtually, at the next Fields of Innovation.”

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Fruit Attraction 2020 will be held using telepresence technologies

Fruit Attraction 2020 will be held using telepresence technologies


Madrid, 1 September 2020 – The Organising Committee of Fruit Attraction met and decided that the 12th edition of this world leading event for the international fruit and vegetable professional community would be held using new, advanced telepresence technology: Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect. The next in-person edition of Fruit Attraction, organised by IFEMA and FEPEX, is scheduled to take place from 5-7 October 2021.

This decision has been taken based on months of careful monitoring, assessing the development of the global situation, the unpredictability of the measures that will be deployed to control the pandemic in different countries in the coming weeks, and a concerted desire to cater for the concerns and needs of the entire Fruit Attraction exhibition community.

The Organising Committee acknowledges the effort made by IFEMA during recent months to help exhibiting companies to decide whether to take part according to developments in different scenarios, and the protocols introduced on its sites to ensure a safe, hygienic environment for productivity and business activities. The Committee, chaired by FEPEX president Jorge Brotons also committed to holding its next in-person exhibition from 5-7 October 2021.

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect 2020 will be active for 31 days

The first ever online Fruit Attraction will be live from 1 to 31 October 2020. By registering as exhibiting company on the Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect platform you keep and renew all your seniority and loyalty rights for the next edition, which include a new Loyalty and Stimulus Programme.

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect is an advanced technological platform and artificial intelligence system able to generate thousands of impacts and raise brand awareness of companies and their products among thousands of buyers, distributors and traders from 160 countries, making it the largest professional network and community in the world specialised in the fruit and vegetable sector.

The structure of Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect has everything needed to generate and promote new opportunities for professionals from all over the world to buy, sell and build sales teams’ networks of contacts in participating companies. It provides comprehensive information about suppliers, products and news about sector in 2020 and has tools for making video calls and doing eB2B in the same platform itself. There is a chat-live system and users can receive contact recommendations thanks to the artificial intelligence system and organise meetings and demonstrations with exhibiting companies and host videos and technical documentation about products and services.

In short, it is a new work and networking tool for the professional community that will be available throughout October, a pivotal moment for planning the season, which will allow companies to generate countless new commercial leads from buyers to be able to do business.

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect will amalgamate all the sectors connected to Fruit Attraction, Flower&Garden and Fresh Food Logistics.

A month of Congresses, Seminars and Meetings

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect 2020 will be a framework for numerous technical seminars, debates, meetings and daily monographic conferences dealing with product categories, international market opportunities on topics of great interest to the sector organised by associations, the media and participating exhibitors.

Among the events scheduled are conferences like Biofruit Congress, World Fresh Forum (with specific sessions for buyers from the USA, India, China, Japan and the UAE), Grape Attraction Congress; seminars on packaging, SDG, Sustainability, The Fresh Convenience Market, Factoría Chef …

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect will be the best space to get news on the market for 2020 and watch the finals of the Innovation Hub-Accelera Awards, and plenty of daily sessions organised by exhibitors who will make the 31 days of Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect the largest and influential edition to date. You can be part of everything just by registering on the platform at

The world’s most extensive fruit and vegetable sector trade community

The theme is Connecting The World’s Fresh Produce Community, and the event is backed by a massive global communication and viral marketing campaign that will enrich the platform community, fed from the Fruit Attraction database that has 230,000 active users from 160 countries. In fact, Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect is aiming to become a world leading professional community for sales networking in the fruit and vegetable sector . To participate as an exhibitor, just register at . Companies wanting to take part in the first remote edition of Fruit Attraction and take advantage of its telepresence technologies should see the Exhibitor’s Guide, which contains full details and comprehensive information.

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Fruit Attraction 2020 goes digital

Fruit Attraction 2020 goes digital © Eurofresh Distribution
Stand of Freson de Palos, Fruit Attraction 2019 © Eurofresh Distribution


The 12th edition of Fruit Attraction will be held digitally. This is the outcome of a meeting of the Fruit Attraction Organising Committee yesterday. The digital event is made possible thanks to a new and advanced technological platform placed at the service of the international fruit and vegetable professional community: Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect. The next face-to-face edition of Fruit Attraction, organised by IFEMA and FEPEX, will be held from October 5 to 7, 2021.

This decision is the result of months of exhaustively monitoring and assessing the development of the situation around the world, the unpredictable evolution of measures to control the pandemic in the different countries in the coming weeks, and the ever permanent will to address sensitivities and the needs of the entire Fruit Attraction exhibition community.

The Organising Committee has recognised the efforts made by IFEMA during these months to keep pace with the developing situation and ensure the necessary protocols were implemented at its facilities to guarantee maximum safety, hygiene and commercial productivity. The Committee, chaired by Jorge Brotons, president of FEPEX, has announced its commitment to holding the next face-to-face edition in 2021 from October 5 to 7.

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Global Citrus Congress goes Live

Global Citrus Congress goes Live
© Global Citrus Congress


Global Citrus Congress Live is a must for those who want to learn more about the international citrus business. The new online event takes place on 5th November, and focuses on the major developments in the citrus category.

Citrus is one of the biggest produce categories, but it has faced increased competition from other fruit and vegetables in recent years. Since the onset of Covid-19, however, demand has been booming. How can suppliers maximise this opportunity and build a more sustainable industry?

Fruitnet Media International and the World Citrus Organisation have joined forces to organise the first ever Global Citrus Congress Live, a virtual event bringing together leading players from the global citrus industry to identify and develop strategies to meet growing global demand.

Global Citrus Congress Live presents the latest global production figures and track emerging consumer trends, identifying opportunities to sell more citrus in traditional and emerging markets.