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Early starts to Spanish season with Primor

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Primor, Andalusian leader in stone fruit, expects a total of 19,725 tons this season, a similar volume to last year, but with the difference that this season looks like starting in mid-April, a week earlier than usual. In comparison with last year, production is expected to be lower in the case of both white flesh (870 tn) and yellow flesh peaches (3170 tn), yellow flesh pavia (115 tn), and white (870 tn) and yellow fresh nectarines (10,330 tn). Volumes are expected to increase, however, for paraguayos (saturn peaches, from 600-930 tn) plumcots (230 tn), plums (3,080 tn) and apricots (170 tn). The plums are a standout: production began just two years ago and today 3,000 tons are exported. Primor’s fruit is distributed in supermarkets (70%) and wholesale markets (30%). Its main export destinations continue to be Switzerland (20%), Holland (19%), Germany (13%), and the UK (9%), among others in Europe. Primor is shifting to a more evocative and surrealistic image with its communication and marketing. “Using magic and mythological beings far from having a close association with fruit consumption conveys a message: We are different and we do things differently. Above all we are producers, but we’re also a service provider, which allows us to be very versatile and adapt to different needs,” Sebastián Adnot explained. The transition from Five to Primor required clients to trust and believe in the company’s new way of working – which was achieved and went smoothly. The company will not only continue offering stone fruit but now include citrus.