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Made in Nature: Brio’s organic green kiwi starred in Germany

Made in Nature: Brio's organic green kiwi starred in Germany

The initiative is part of promotional activities of Made in Nature, the European project funded by CSO Italy, and will include in-store activity in 100 stores of the German chain Tegut

Zevio – Promoting the values ​​and the culture of organic fruit and vegetables in Italy, France and Germany is the goal of Made in Nature, the Cso Italy project funded by the European Union which sees the most important companies in the production and marketing of fruit and vegetables as protagonists. Italian organic producers include Canova, Conserve Italia, Lagnasco Group, RK Growers, Veritas Biofrutta, Mazzoni and Brio.

Brio’s organic green kiwi will be the protagonist, from 5 to 9 April, of an important promotional action in 100 stores of Tegut in Germany with dedicated islands and information material.

“After the positive experience of the previous promotional campaign – comments Brio’s export manager, Anton Carra – we are happy to strengthen the collaboration with Tegut, a historic German brand that has been synonymous with quality organic products for over 40 years. The project, which includes numerous B2B and B2C activities, saw a first week of activity at the beginning of March with excellent feedback from consumers: thanks to this new initiative we are sure that a growing number of German consumers will appreciate the superior organoleptic qualities of our organic Hayward kiwifruit ”.

The Tegut distribution chain has been one of the most significant realities for the assortment of organic and natural products since the 1980s. Part of the Swiss Migros group, Tegut has a turnover of over one billion euros: over a quarter of its turnover derives from biological references distributed in over 100 points of sale in the Land of Hesse, Thuringia, Bavaria and the cities of Göttingen. Mainz, Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg.

“Projects like Made in Nature – concludes Carra – represent an exceptional showcase for Italian organic fruit and vegetables: for Brio this operation in the Tegut stores represents an excellent vehicle to reach even more widespread a market that has always shown great interest for quality organic products “.

Made in Nature continues its promotional activities, proposing innovative communication formats, dedicated to consumers in Italy, France and Germany with the fresh and processed organic product of the leading Italian production companies.

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The European “Made in Nature” project brings Italian organic Kiwifruit to Germany

The European “Made in Nature” project brings Italian organic Kiwifruit to Germany

The activities of Made in Nature – Discover the principles of European organic farming, the CSO Italy project funded by the EU, have kicked off in Germany.

After being officially launched at Fruit Logistica, Italian organic produce has now arrived in Germany and will be the focus of many activities planned as part of the 3-year European project Made in Nature – Discover the principles of European organic farming implemented by CSO Italy. During the first in-store event, the spotlight was on Italian organic kiwifruit, produced by Brio S.p.A., a supporting partner of the project. For a week, dedicated island stands with information material were set up at 140 retail outlets owned by Tegut – one of Germany’s leading and largest supermarket chains and a pioneer in the field of organic and natural food since the 1980s – for German customers and consumers.

Italian organic kiwifruit is well-known and appreciated across Europe for its certified production methods, for its cultivation in the most suitable production areas, which are regarded worldwide as key areas in the northern hemisphere, and for the undisputed expertise of Italian producers.

There are two popular varieties of organic kiwifruit: green-flesh kiwifruit, which has an acidic taste and soft texture, rich in fibre and vitamin C, and yellow kiwifruit, which is sweet and aromatic with a tropical taste.

Italian organic green kiwifruit is produced between November and June. Yellow kiwifruit is produced from November to March.

The promotion of “Made in Nature” in Germany is part of the many trade and B2B activities planned for the project that is aimed at promoting the values and culture of Italian organic fruit and vegetables and is targeted to consumers and sector professionals in Italy, France and Germany, which will continue in the next few months with communication and social activities, promotions at retail outlets and participation in trade fairs, including the upcoming Macfrut in Rimini.