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Wooden packaging makes the difference

2% rise in wooden packaging production in Spain last season, according to FEDEMCO

According to the Spanish Federation of Wooden Packaging and Components (FEDEMCO), the tay format accounts for 60% of packaging produced for sales items. The highest growth in recent years has been in the Pitufo® brand’s formats of less than 2.5kg, with which it has reached 35% of the market share. FEDEMCO is optimistic about future opportunities for expansion. The federation’s marketing and communications manager Roberto Garcia said, “There is a growing demand for wooden packaging for premium product lines. Wood offers a stylish presentation that enhances the quality of the packaged product, setting it apart from its rivals. There is also higher demand for ‘greener’ packaging.” Firms want to present their products to a more environmentally-conscious customer in natural, ecological packaging.

Openings in distant markets

Opportunities are opening up in new markets like the US and the Middle and Far East. Robert Garcia said, “Wooden packaging is greatly admired in these areas.” Exporters prefer wooden packaging as it offers greater resistance and thus ensures the product arrives in perfect condition. FEDEMCO will once again be in attendance at Fruit Logistica 2017 (Hall 11.2, Stands 8-10), where it will display various wooden packaging formats like the Pitufo® brand’s 1-2kg containers. Roberto Garcia said, “This format is the best suited to current market conditions.” Representatives of the federation’s member companies and the FEDEMCO team will be on hand to provide information about the commercial, hygienic and environmental benefits of using wooden packaging.

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Fedemco backs expansion of Spanish supply

Fedemco, which represents 95% of the wooden container production sector in Spain, and manufactures on average 600 million crates annually, confirms its total support for exporters in the search for new markets.

Providing backing to exporters in their efforts to open up new markets is a priority for the Spanish federation of wooden container manufacturers, Fedemco.

Wood is highly resistant and does not warp easily, making it an ideal candidate for supporting long voyages.

With the closure of the Russian market, it is clear that Asia and the Middle East are bound to be the main poles of growth, but along with these new opportunities there will also be new requirements and demands.

“Our members can rest assured. We fulfil all the conditions to meet all the requirements demanded in these new markets,” said marketing manager Roberto García.

Another of the objectives set this year by Fedemco, is to achieve greater penetration in the retail sector. “In many supermarkets, wood is only used for fruit containers on the odd occasion for promotion, but this excellent support material can be used all year round and our goal is to get retailers to understand its advantages,” García said.

Wood improves the product image and increases its value through a more painstaking presentation. In addition, given it is sustainable and recyclable, it is a truly environmentally-friendly contribution.

And in recent studies by the University of Barcelona, wood was found to be 100% hygienic due to its antimicrobial properties. Biological produce continues to increase and is the perfect niche for Fedemco, as wood will always be the best backup for a coherent ecological project.

According to García, it is a market on the rise: “Organic produce is on the up and up: this market is bound to continue to grow in volume and our members will also gradually increase their presence in the sector.” 

Always at the forefront of innovation, Fedemco’s members are exploring new small box formats, designed for high-end niche markets seeking better packaging presentation for their fruits.

Along with this, they are developing new finishes for glossy printing on wood as well as new formats in lids with handles or stapling. These contributions will be especially welcome in the berry and citrus sectors, which is where Fedemco’s members have the highest penetration.

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