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Clemcott® advocates improvements in the field to guarantee quality

From January to April, Clemcott® is the only fruit that has been able to satisfy the expectations of those who are involved in this brand in the fields and in the big supermarkets.

It’s springtime and thanks to the Clemcott deseasonalization we can still enjoy its quality throughout April in our markets.

It has been another intense campaign in which purchasing managers and consumers have had to wait until January to enjoy remarkable fruit. And just like this year’s campaign said, “Good things come to those who wait”.

From January to April, Clemcott® is the only fruit that has been able to satisfy the expectations of those who are involved in this brand in the fields and in the big supermarkets.

A fruit like Clemcott® is thanks to the professional and thorough work done by the Club de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas (Club). Since 2011 marketing activities have been carried out to position the Clemcott® brand in the Premium segment of the citrus fruit market. 

Thanks to all this work, Clemcott® has consolidated itself as a brand in Europe and the Club continues working so that the fruit of its partners is recognized and appreciated by consumers, who have chosen it out of all the second season mandarins for years thanks to its extraordinary quality. 

Clemcott® has acquired so much prestige because of its stability, seeing as its excellent organoleptic qualities do not vary from January to April, campaign after campaign.

The job well done is also thanks to the hard work and effort in the fields.
The farmers who have the licence to grow Clemcott® in their orchards uphold the technical production conditions to obtain a top quality fruit. Currently 1000 hectares located in Andalusia, the Valencian Community, Murcia and southern Portugal have this very exclusive certificate. 

Clemcott® guarantees its customers that even in times when the weather conditions directly affect the citrus fruit cultivation the product will meet their expectations. This is done by means of the certification process that has been established for  Clemcott®.

As for future seasons, to increase the Clemcott® certified area, the Club is working hard to promote the use of methods that favour the isolation of other citrus fruit pollenizers, such as temporarily covering the plants with mesh, which gets excellent results. 

The Club is committed to producing value for its partners and ensuring the success of  Clemcott®. A brand that guarantees and certifies quality. 

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Top Seeds Ibérica starts 4th campaign under Francisco Maleno Sánchez

Top Seeds is one of the most innovative companies in genetics in the world, only sells its own genetic products.

Over these four campaigns, the company has established its position among the top flight of companies for seeds. Indeed, Top Seeds is one of the most innovative companies in genetics in the world. Top Seeds Ibérica only sells its own genetic products. Over these years, the company has established a privileged position in Californian peppers with completely innovative varieties that are very resistant and versatile, performing far above the average varieties that have existed until now. In 2017, they released a new red California variety onto the market called “Galiano”, characteristic for being fairly late, very balanced with no great leaps in setting and a high yield. Francisco Maleno himself, the director of Top Seeds Ibérica, comments on what 2017 holds for the company: “Fortunately, this campaign is going to be exceptional for Top Seeds Ibérica’s pepper varieties since they are giving superior quality yields. Furthermore, 2017 will be the year when new tomato varieties will be launched onto the market. They are the result of four years of intense work preparing a very competitive catalogue. We do not move into the market just to remain halfway up the table.” This year, the company will complete its tomato cherry portfolio with exceptional varieties in all segments: vine tomato cherry with  Golan and Caprice; pear tomato with Parisi; yellow cherry tomato with Mini-on; zebra cherry tomato with Zohar and Lotz; and this year they will also launch two absolutely new varieties: a black cherry and an orange one. Maleno affirms that the traders and supermarkets who are trying them fully approve of them. Finally, for the black-topped tomato, 2017 will be the year of the Salmeron, which promises to revolutionise the market. It is a black top never before seen that is productive, resistant and has an incredible colour and taste that will be difficult to match.

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Interko achieves breakthrough with energy consumption of new ripening room fan

Dutch innovator will share its latest technological advances at Fruit Logistica 2017

Interko has raised the bar higher in its commitment to developing advanced ripening solutions for the global fresh fruit and vegetable industry.

The Dutch manufacturer has achieved a breakthrough with the energy efficiency rating of its new range of reversible ripening room fans, which are now supplied under the brand name RƎVERSO.

“Interko is the first company to manufacture a ripening room fan that achieves an energy consumption level below 100 watts per pallet at full airflow, which is fantastically low,” reveals Chris Maat, the managing partner of Interko. 

“This development will translate into considerable cost savings for our customers. Reducing energy usage and costs as much as possible is critical for many of our clients today. They also want greater flexibility, and quality is vital, of course. 

“That’s why we are constantly innovating,” Chris continues. “Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to Interko. We’re committed to developing bespoke solutions that make for extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective fruit ripening rooms to suit customers both large and small.” 

The RƎVERSO reversible fan range provides efficient air movement technology and full user-controllability within a ripening room. The fans can be controlled simply and individually, meaning they can be switched off in any unloaded bays at any given stage.

The fans can also be linked to the fully-integrated and unique Interko Smart ripening control system. This allows for precision ripening and monitoring of the ripening process to a degree that has not previously been possible.

Interko invites produce professionals to learn more about the RƎVERSO fan range at the world’s largest fresh fruit and vegetable trade show, Fruit Logistica 2017. The fair takes place in Berlin, Germany, on 8-10 February. Interko will exhibit in Hall 1.2, B-11.

“We welcome visitors to come and meet our team to discover more about the tailor-made ripening solutions and heat exchangers we offer,” Chris says. 

Record results

Every day 4 million boxes of fruit are ripened in Interko rooms worldwide. The business is expanding significantly and after closing 2016 with record results, Chris says the company is looking forward to a promising future.

“Thanks to the increasingly broad-based geographical distribution of our business, we have delivered our strongest performance to date,” Chris explains. 

“During the last 12 months we have built over 200 ripening rooms across the world; with orders coming from Europe, South America, Asia and beyond.” 

This year Interko is eager to build upon its heritage as a leading provider of fresh fruit ripening systems. At the same time the company continues to provide its clients with premium service and after-sales support. 

“A service-oriented approach has been the hallmark of our business since Interko began some 40 years ago, and, driven by our desire to provide our customers with distinctive ripening innovation, we remain as committed as ever to our long-term partnerships,” Chris says. 

Meet Interko at Fruit Logistica!

Fruit Logistica
Hall 1.2, Stand B-11
8-10 February 2017
Berlin, Germany