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Edeka expands Apeel to grapefruits and lemons

Edeka expands Apeel to grapefruits and lemons © Edeka

© Edeka


As of the start of this year, grapefruits and lemons also receive the plant-based Apeel protective coat. The longer-lasting vitamin C miracles are now available throughout Germany at Edeka, Marktkauf and Netto Marken-Discount. They are the newest members of the Apeel range after avocados, oranges, clementines and mandarins. The Edeka network is thus expanding its commitment to increasingly sustainable ranges and is once again setting a sign in the fight against food waste.

According to the Food Report 2020 of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), 12 million tons of total or about 75 kilograms of food per person are disposed of in Germany every year. The Apeel formula of plant origin gives the surface of fresh products a kind of second skin, which acts like an additional protective coat. The Apeel protective layer ensures that less water from the inside can evaporate through the actual shell and at the same time less oxygen can penetrate from the outside.

An optimal microclimate is created under the second skin: the fruit can continue to breathe while the maturation process slows down considerably. This means that Apeel products stay fresh for longer – with an unchanged enjoyment experience, as neither the taste nor the smell of the food is affected.

The shelf life of the products is significantly extended by Apeel – with consistently high quality. At the beginning of 2020, a pilot trial in 2,900 Edeka markets and net stores over twelve weeks showed that the amount of avocados that had to be sorted out in the market was reduced by 50% thanks to Apeel, while customer demand in the participating markets increased significantly.

Apeel is an innovative process developed by the US company Apeel. Vegetable fats – lipids and glycerolipids – are used, which are contained in the skins, seeds and pulp of all fruits and vegetables. Accordingly, the Apeel protective layer consists of components that are also consumed regularly as part of a normal diet. Thus, Apeel differs in principle from approaches in which a synthetically produced sugar derivative is applied.

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Nature’s Pride brings Apeel avocados to Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland

Nature’s Pride brings Apeel avocados to Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland © Eurofresh Distribution

© Eurofresh Distribution


Following successful results in Germany and Denmark, Apeel and Nature’s Pride will be expanding the market for Apeel avocados to the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland. This move will serve to intensify cooperation between the organisations, both of whom share the same vision of reducing food waste and enabling a more sustainable food system in Europe. 

Apeel avocados have been available nationwide for quite some time in Germany and Denmark. Measurements during the pilot phase revealed a more than 50% reduction in food waste at retail stores supplied with Apeel avocados from Nature’s Pride. The difference per trailer load is 3,900 avocados, equating to supply chain environmental savings of 640 kg CO2 and 720,000 litres of water. Nature’s Pride and Apeel are not surprised that these results have encouraged other countries to join the initiative. This week has seen the launch of pilot programs in the Netherlands with Apeel avocados being marketed under the EAT ME brand at the Hoogvliet retail chain. Pilots have also started in Norway, while three retail chains are currently in a pilot phase in Switzerland. 

“To facilitate market expansion, we are increasing our capacity to apply Apeel to produce. We are working intensively with Apeel to scale up the Apeel process so we can supply even more customers and widen the scope of our efforts to fight food waste. We are also expanding the range of Apeel-treated products. We hope to start with mangos in early 2021. In this way, we want to introduce greater numbers of consumers in Europe to our products with Apeel,” explains Adriëlle Dankier, Chief Commercial Officer of Nature’s Pride.

“We are thrilled that more and more retailers in Europe are experiencing the benefits of Apeel produce. With Apeel, retailers are dramatically reducing food waste in stores and for shoppers at home, while growing sales and helping the planet. That’s something we can only achieve with innovative partners like Nature’s Pride and we’re pleased to be expanding our footprint with them,” said James Rogers, CEO and founder of Apeel.

The plant-derived materials in the Apeel coating help to retain moisture and reduce oxidation in the fruit for an extended period. This maintains quality for longer and slows down the rate at which produce spoils. This innovative technology helps growers, suppliers and retailers improve the quality of their products and extend the shelf life. It reduces food waste in the supply chain from the grower to the shop shelf and kitchen table. 

In Europe some 88 million tons of food is wasted annually, with associated costs estimated at €143 billion. In the Netherlands, for example, households waste an average of 34.3 kilograms of solid food per person per year. For the whole of the Netherlands, this means that consumers waste 589 million kilograms of solid food per year.

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Apeel: plant-derived solutions to food waste

Apeel: plant-derived solutions to food waste


By 2050, there will be a shortage of food to feed the global population. One out of ten people will go hungry. Meanwhile, 40 percent of food grown today goes to waste. To address this problem, James Rogers established Apeel.

Apeel utilises plant-derived materials that can be found in every bite of fruit to protect produce. This layer of protection slows water loss and gas exchange of oxygen, which in turn delays spoilage. “We have a philosophy about how we create our product. And that philosophy is that we work with nature and never against it,” said Jason De Turris, Apeel’s Vice President of Brand Marketing. “We look to nature in order to use food to preserve food.”  

Apeel can be used for various kinds of produce, such as avocados, mandarins, lime, lemons, and organic apples. It makes the most out of food production, benefiting growers, distributors, and retailers. It saves water and energy consumption in the production of fruit. For each avocado serviced by Apeel, 21 litres of water and nine cellphone charges of energy are saved. 

Stating with avocados in the US, Apeel has expanded into Germany and Denmark, due to existing trade routes. The avocados arrive in Rotterdam from South America, while the mandarins and citrus come from Spain. Together with partners such as Nature’s Pride, Apeel continues to expand its market and products. For 2020, the company looks to expand in the UK and US, and also serve cucumbers.

The method used by Apeel was inspired by the skins and peels of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, from strawberries to peppers, which nature uses to keep them fresh. Made from materials found in all fruits and vegetables, Apeel creates a water-based formula that adds a little extra “peel” to the surface of fresh produce. This protection keeps the moisture on the produce longer and slows down respiration to delay spoilage. The process increases the longevity of many varieties of produce by two to three times. 


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Edeka to stock citrus with Apeel technology

Edeka to stock citrus with Apeel technology, credit. yisris, Flickr
Source: Flickr


The Edeka Group is extending its commitment to fighting food waste by using the innovative “Apeel” technology not just to protect its avocados but also oranges and clementines. Apeel produce has a protective layer consisting of plant-based materials that slow down water loss and penetration by oxygen – two main factors contributing to decay of fresh fruit and vegetable products.

Apeel reduces food waste and makes plastic foil unnecessary for packaging many products. Edeka is the trading partner of US-based Apeel Sciences and launched avocados with Apeel’s protective coating at selected stores at the end of 2019.

Oranges and clementines are now following suit as part of the pilot project. In the future, Apeel’s plant-derived protective coating will also ensure longer-lasting freshness of Edeka WWF oranges (1.5 kg bag), Edeka Selection oranges “NavelGold” (1 kg bag), and EDEKA Selection “ClemenGold” clementines (750 g bag).

The Apeel-protected oranges, clementines and avocados will be available in selected Edeka stores in parts of northern Germany and North-Rhine Westphalia, as well as at Netto branches in parts in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony. The project foresees nationwide roll-out of these longer shelf-life products in Germany during 2020.

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Apeel & Nature’s Pride debut longer-lasting produce to fight food waste in Europe

Apeel & Nature’s Pride debut longer-lasting produce to fight food waste in Europe


Apeel Sciences, a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, and Nature’s Pride, a leading supplier of produce in Europe with a focus on innovation and sustainability, have announced that Apeel avocados are now on store shelves in Europe. As Apeel’s supply partner in Europe, Nature’s Pride has integrated the Apeel solution across its expansive avocado value chain to bring Apeel avocados to EDEKA and Netto in Germany, and Salling Group stores Føtex and Bilka in Denmark.

“Approval of Apeel’s technology in Europe demonstrates the European Commission’s commitment to addressing our planet’s massive food waste crisis, which is now understood to be a top contributor to climate change,” said James Rogers, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Apeel Sciences. “Our US partners are realising the value of Apeel and are halving their food waste in many cases. Our next critical step is assisting retailers across Europe in their efforts to reduce waste, while simultaneously improving profits and enabling customers to enjoy fresh, high quality produce with a longer shelf life and ripe time.” 

“Every day we work across the entire chain to create innovative solutions that will make the world healthier and more sustainable. Apeel allows us to significantly reduce food waste, so we are extremely proud that the result of our intensive cooperation has now reached the shelves. We look forward to reaching more consumers in Europe with our products with Apeel,” said Adriëlle Dankier, Chief Commercial Officer of Nature’s Pride.

“Food waste is a major challenge that puts a strain on the environment. This is why this is a high priority area in Salling Group and we are investing in solutions and initiatives to ensure that we reach our goal: a 50% reduction in food waste leading up to 2030. We are certain that Apeel can help make a difference, not only for us, but also for customers and households. Therefore, we look forward to introducing the solution in Denmark,” said Stephan Bruhn, director at Salling Group.

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Apeel and Nature´s pride team up to take the food waste fight to Europe

Nature’s Pride continues to expand

Apeel Sciences, a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and one of TIME Magazine’s 50 Genius Companies, and Nature’s Pride, Europe’s leader in avocados and mangos with a focus on sustainability, have officially joined forces. Subject to EU regulatory approval, Nature’s Pride plans to integrate Apeel’s plant-derived food waste prevention technology across its expansive avocado value chain, which will bring Apeel Avocados — avocados with double the edible shelf life on average — to European households for the first time.

The Apeel and Nature’s Pride partnership comes at a time when food waste in Europe has reached a staggering 88 million tonnes annually, with associated costs estimated at 143 billion euros, and builds on Apeel’s successful introduction in the U.S., where the technology has demonstrated a greater than 50% food waste reduction at the retail level. As part of the partnership, Nature’s Pride and Apeel Sciences will introduce a co-branded label, a signal to consumers of quality, sustainability, and longer lasting freshness, and thus, less food waste, made possible by Apeel’s technology.

“We put the health of people and the environment at the heart of all we do. We are constantly looking for improvements in our value chain to provide our customers with the highest quality and most tasty products. With Apeel, we share the same values: we are both pioneering and passionate about reducing food waste, and we want to work collaboratively with others to solve this problem. This makes Apeel the ideal strategic partner for us. We look forward to reducing food waste, unlocking new value for everybody in the supply chain, and growing the fruit and vegetable business with all of our partners together.” said Adriëlle Dankier, chief commercial officer of Nature’s Pride. 

“Food waste is a massive global problem and with a strategic leader like Nature’s Pride, we can look to a future where there’s much less waste in the system, and we can advance sustainability together with benefits to everyone in the supply chain,” said James Rogers, chief executive officer and founder of Apeel Sciences. “Nature’s Pride and Apeel have the same vision for a future where our food systems operate more harmoniously with nature, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to work with them to take the food waste fight to Europe very soon.”

Avocado pilots are expected to start mid-year in select retail stores in Europe, subject to EU regulatory approval and both companies are excited to offer European customers and consumers Apeel Avocados.

Fresh food producers and retailers interested in Apeel’s technology can get in touch via the Apeel business form. To discover U.S. grocery stores that carry Apeel produce, please use Apeel’s store locator.