WUWM to meet in Cancun in October

Mon 02/10/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) is to hold the 2023 WUWM Cancun Conference, centred around the theme “The Future of Food Markets: Modernizing Wholesale and Retail Markets to Meet Customer Expectations by 2030.” The event will take place in Cancun, Mexico, from October 25th to 28th, and is set to draw delegations from over 80 countries.

To register for the conference, please visit the WUWM website: 2023 CANCUN Conference – WUWM and the official website : http://wuwmcancun23.com.mx/ 

Details at a Glance:

Theme: The Future of Food Markets: Modernizing Wholesale and Retail Markets to Meet Customer Expectations by 2030

Date: October 25th – 28th, 2023

Location: MOON PALACE THE GRAND CANCUN Hotel, Cancun, Mexico

Hosts: Arturo Fernández Martínez (Mexico) and Stéphane Layani (France), Presidents of CONACCA and WUWM, respectively

Programme:  2023 CANCUN Conference – WUWM

Distinguished Speakers: Prestigious speakers from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Mexico, Latin America, China, Korea, Thailand, India, and Europe, among others, will participate in all sessions.

Conference Focus: The WUWM 2023 Conference in Cancun aims to address strategies for modernizing food markets, both wholesale and retail, to meet the needs of consumers. The expectations of consumers, both wholesalers and end consumers, for the next decade will be analysed. The modernization of food markets must meet increasingly high expectations in terms of price, quality, and freshness, in facilities that are welcoming, functional, and hygienic.

Key Topics: Throughout the conference, we will explore a wide range of actions and success stories, with the aim of understanding the anticipated changes in the markets for the next decade.

Customer-Centric Modernization: By laying the groundwork for the modernization of food markets, discussions will concentrate on enhancing customer relations and tailoring modernization efforts to meet their evolving needs.

Schedule Highlights:

    WUWM Board Meeting

    Welcome Cocktail

    Conference Day

    Technical Visit and Tour of the Cancun Wholesale Market

    Regional WUWM Group Meetings

    WUWM General Assembly 2023

    Closing Gala Dinner


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